Information in this article is non-canon

This is a TV Series between movies 22 and 23.

Theme Song

The Time of Great Growing is a wonderful time.
A time of adventure,
A time of fun,
A time where you sometimes have to run,
A time where you sometimes push and shove,
a time where you sometimes fall in love.
It's the Time of Great Growing.

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Descripton
1Ptero in LovePtero has a hard time finding a lady friend, but soon comes to fall in love with Petrie’s sister Reina.
2StenLittlefoot and his friends get into a pinch in the Mysterious Beyond. They are rescued by a Chirostenotes named Sten. There’s just one problem: he likes to eat eggs. Can they trust him?
3The Home of the Egg StealersLittlefoot and his friends are stuck overnight with Sten, an Egg Stealer. They don’t fully trust him and are even more wary of his parents. However, Sten is their only hope of getting back to the Great Valley safely.

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