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This [1]  is the fourth epsidoe of season 2.


It is near night.  Chomper goes to get Stinging Buzzers , but they end us chasing him.  The others end up getting chased too.  They end up going up the Great Wall .  They are able to get away from the Stinging Buzzers, though they end up slipping and rolling down part of the Great Wall.  They are all ok, though Ruby has dislocated one of her legs.

However, Red Claw , Screech , and Thud show up and chase them.  They eventually hide in a cave blocking off the entrance with rocks.  They put Ruby's leg back into place.  However, Chomper and Ruby convince the others that it is too dangerous to go out there at night, as they will encounter more Sharpteeth than just Red Claw, Screech, and Thud.

Chomper finally finds something to eat, Crawlers, though Cera tells him not to eat in front of her.  Then a thunderstorm comes and they are all annoyed.  They have no choice but to spend the night here in the Mysterious Beyond .   Part of the cave floods, but they are able to get to safety.  They miss their families and sing Always There.

In the morning, they get up and see that it is still raining.  They hope that the rain will keep the hunters off their trail.  They get near the Great Valley and encounter Red Claw, Screech, and Thud.  The seven kids are able to get up into the Great Valley, despite the mud, as they hold onto each other.  However, Screech and Thud slip on the mud and collide with Red Claw, causing the, all to fall down the path.  Red Claw looks at his two minions in disgust.

Meanwhile, the kids come back and are welcomed by their families.  

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