Information in this article is non-canon

This is the 43rd episode of the TV Series.   It is where the Gang (minus Ruby, who is back at the Great Valley due to being sick, get stranded in the Mountains that Burn and have to fend off hositle Domeheads.  They had been to see Chomper's parents, had encountered Red Claw, Screech, and Thud on their way back, and had run into the Mountains that Burn to lose them.  Before they could head back, however, an Earthshake blocked their path back.

The story is located here.


  • This episode is sort of a throwback to the first movie with the Domehead scene.
  • According to sources from the author, Ruby was not sent with the group as it would reveal that the Domeheads are Bothtooth Supremecists, as their refusal to attack Ruby would have prompted questions from the others.  The racism of the Domeheads isn't revealed till movie 25.
  • Ruby, is in this episode, though her role is pretty minor.  
  • Chomper's parents are also in this episode, albeit briefly.  

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