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This is the first episode of Season 2 of the TV Series.  The script for the story is here:  [1]


The kids go out into the Mysterious Beyond with Tricia .  However, Red Claw , Screech , and Thud almost get her.  They are able to get away and back into the Great Valley.

However, Topps is furious at almost losing Tricia and says that Tricia cannot play with the others anymore, calling them a bad influence.

Cera protests, but Topps won't back down.  Later, Tria also protects, but Topps still won't back down.

Littlefoot tries to get his grandparents to get Topps to see reason, but it doesn't work.  Finally, Cera gets mad and runs away out of anger.  Unknown to her, Tricia goes after her.  The kids see this and follow Tricia.

Tricia finds Cera.   The other kids find the two shortly thereafter.  However, Red Claw, Screech, and Thud are back.  Topps and Tria come nearby and Topps is initally mad at the kids, thinking they put Triica in danger again.

Tria, however, reminds Topps that it was their responsibility to watch Tricia and that this time, he cannot blame the kids.  

Cera tries to take on Red Claw, but it doesn't do much.  Chomper helps by biting Red Claw in the tail.  Thud goes for Chomper, but misses and bites Red Claw in the tail.  Topps comes and helps.  When it looks bad for them, Tria helps too.

With everyone's help, Red Claw, Screech, and Thud are driven off.  Topps apologizes for how he's been and says Triica can be with them again.  The kids are all happy about this.  

Preceded by:
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