Information in this article is non-canon

The residents of the great valley are having a wonderful time, when Red Claw appears! the 5 friends must team up to destroy him and his friend Sharptooth (from the original). But Red claw has a cunning plan to stop the 5 friends...

Chapter 1: Ducky's Discovery Whilst exploring the caves by Petrie's nest, Ducky calls everyone over - A glint in the rocks means something special. When uncovering the rocks surrounding the glint, Screech and Thud come along and try to get the glint as well!

Chapter 2: Littlefoot Saw them but no sign of Red Claw anywhere, at the Mysterious Beyond there he was he was with Sharptooth the First one the one with one eye shut, Sharptooth tells him that They must get his revenge and destroys them, Red Claw tells him that he has a plan to get rid of them.

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