Information in this article is non-canon

This is where Deino, having been exposed as a Fanged Flattooth, starts to suggest that Chomper leave, claiming that he will end up turning on his friends and hunting them.  Deino was hoping to get Chomper to leave.  However, Chomper ends up remaining resolute.  

DeinoYou must leave now if you want to thrive.

     Your kind is condemned to hunt to survive.

   You must leave now if you want your friends to stay alive.

ChomperI am staying.  I'd never hurt a friend.

           We are going to be friends to the very end.

Deino: Listen Chomper, you can only eat meat.

Your plans of staying will only meet defeat.

You must leave before you become a threat.

It's goiing to happen, anyone can safey bet.

As you can easily see

you cannot eat plants like me.

Chomper(Points at dead Tickle Fuzzies) Just look at what you’ve done.

Is that your idea of fun?

Deino: (Smug) I can still eat a plant.

But the sad truth that we both know is that you can’t.

I am special and you are not.

And just in case you forgot,

I’ll remind you of the blatant truth,

you were born as and always will be a Sharptooth ! 

Chomper:  (Fiercely) We are going to be friends forever.

I’d never harm them, never!

 Deino: You might not harm them today or even this fortnight.

But someday you guys will get into a fight.

ChomperThat is definitely not true.

Harming them is something that I’d never do!

Deino: Oh Chomper you must come to believe.

That the best thing for the Great Valley is for you to leave. 

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