Information in this article is non-canon

This song is where Littlefoot argues with Deino about the anti-Sharptooth, Sharptooth Code, passed on the Great Valley at the insistance of Deino and the majority of the Great Valley Council who backed him.  Littlefoot, in one of Land Before Time's greatest ironies, defends Chomper, despite what happened to his mother, and counters the seeming Leaf Eater Deino who lost both of his parents to Sharpteeth and thus considers them a menace.

The song contains an anarchorism, specifically the mention of Russian Roulette.  

Littlefoot: Oh this is wrong, wrong, wrong.

To tell friendly Sharpteeth that they don't belong.

We should just learn to get along.

What you're doing is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Deino: Oh don't lecture me.

I can see much more than you can see.

In dark times like these we must remain strong.

To let our guard down with Sharpteeth is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Littlefoot: Ok our teeth are flat and theirs are sharp.

But that seems a very dumb reason to harp.

I wish you would stop being so headstrong.

What you are doing is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Deino: Oh Sharpteeth live to rip and slash.

They can turn on you in a flash.

Friendships with them can never last that long.

Oh to think otherwise is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Littlefoot: I'd wish you'd stop this stupid push.

I'd wish you'd get your head out of your tush!  (Deino scowls.)

Deino: Oh you stubborn fool, a Sharptooth can't be your friend!

They can only bring about your end!

Littlefoot: Deino your claim that are Sharpteeth are bad is a lie.

Deino: (Scoldingly) Keep hanging with Sharpteeth and sooner or later you’re going to die!” 

Littlefoot: The loyalty of Chomper is something upon which I can bet.

Deino: Littlefoot, your friendship with him is one dangerous game of Russian Roulette!

Littlefoot: (Defiant) I'll say what I must even if I have to go against the throng.

Deino: Oh Littlefoot you fool, your Sharptooth friends will turn on you erelong.

Littlefoot and Deino Together: What you're doing is just plain wrong...wrong...wrong!

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