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Information in this article is non-canon

''The Land Before Time - Walker to the Crimson Rock'

Written by MCsaurus


When the kids watch the Pretty Flyers (Butterflies), Ducky tells them something happened with Spike. They go to show and what Spike does do, he ate too much tree sweets (fruits) and sweet bubbles (grapes) and become weight bigger (Fat/Weight Gain/Diet). The kids figure out they can help Spike be better from the weight bigger, but Ruby gets an idea for helping Spike walking to the Crimson Rock, the kids agreed on her then let’s do it.

Walker to the Crimson Rock TLBT

Walker to the Crimson Rock


As the children were finally watches the Pretty Creepers, they wonder where’s Ducky and Spike when. “I hope they are too late for watch the Pretty Creepers”. Littlefoot said.

Ducky appears where she had been, but Chomper asked Ducky where’s Spike. “Well... We got a problem about Spike.” Ducky said. “No-no-no.” The gang is shocked when Ducky brings them to find Spike doing a hurry.

“I tried talking to Spike to stop eating but he still eats green foods until he’s feeling bigger.” Ducky said. The children doesn’t know what happens about Spike’s bigger diet, but Guido now. “I think if Spike eating too much green foods,” he said “his body or belly is bigger and heavy called the weight diet.”

“And how to do for Spike?” Cera asked. But Ruby got an idea, “Maybe we can walk to help Spike, to the big rock called the Crimson Rock in outside of the Mysterious Beyond. Cera and Petrie don’t know sounded bad, but Littlefoot agreed Ruby of her idea. “Well, let’s go, big guys!” Skitter said.

So the children starts to walker into the Crimson Rock, but Spike walk fell down. “I think Spike looks like chubby.” Ducky said. “I know how I can help Spike.” Chomper said with his idea.

When Spike seeing Chomper of what he can do for is jumping up like this and on a log, now Spike can try jumping up but his jump went too low into the log and let Chomper too high up and been shocked because Spike is heavy. “Whoa!” Chomper shouts.

Chomper was alright because Spike can heavily jump on the log, then Ruby found the tunnel way from the Mysterious Beyond to the Crimson Rock. “You think the tunnel is too small for Spike’s size, isn’t it?” Ducky asked. “Well, I guess so, Ducky.” Ruby said.

The children entered this tunnel but Spike is stuck because he ate too much green foods, Ducky was right about Spike’s size. “Don’t worry, Spike.” Skitter said. “We let you out into the tunnel.” Skitter, Ducky, Petrie and Guido try Spike in, and Cera and Chomper can try pulling Spike in from outside. Then they did help Spike get in.

“Hey, where are Skitter, Ducky, Petrie and Guido?” Littlefoot asked. “We are under Spike’s belly,” Ducky said, “but I think he’s too heavy”. Then Spike lifts up his belly because he’s on them on ploff!

Ruby called her children for she found the way out from the tunnel. “Can I help you let up, Spike?” Littlefoot asked and lifted him up for Spike climbing up but he can’t because he’s too heavy.

They finally got out from the tunnel, and then Ruby saw the Crimson Rock over there on the Mysterious Beyond. “Well, come on,” Littlefoot said, “we make Spike be better from weight diet before what happens.”

When they walked to the Crimson Rock in the forest, Chomper talks to them about watching out for the nasty Two-Filled Head Fast-Biter called Two-Filled somewhere in the forest. “Uh-oh,” Skitter said. “I think Spike ate little plants. “Spike, you can eat that later until we can go to the Crimson Rock, then we go back the Great Valley.” Ducky said to Spike.

Suddenly Spike started splashing out by the mud to fall down. “Whoa!” Ducky shouts. “Look out, Spike!” Spike and Ducky roll down into the logs.

The gang followed Spike and Ducky then they said they are okay. “I guess so,” Ducky said. “But I think Spike is stuck again, in the log!” “Whoa, first he got stuck in the tunnel,” Cera said, "and now the logs because ate too much green foods all day.” The children helped Spike be lifted out from the log then can walk again.

The children almost walked to the Crimson Rock. “We finally found the Crimson Rock!” Ruby said. Ducky thinks and was glad for Spike feeling better from the weight diet. And Littlefoot thinks their walk is complete and better go home.

When the children go back to the Great Valley, Littlefoot and Ducky sees something and think Spike feels slow and tried because they walked to the Crimson Rock. “We guess we help Spike being better for anything?” Chomper said. “Or maybe Spike can eat little bits of green foods?” Cera said.

Suddenly, they are shocked by the terror Fast Biter with Two-Filled Heads from the bush. “It the Two-Filled!” Chomper shouts. The children start to run for it.

The kids try running for it but they got trapped in the rock walls and Two-Filled almost got it. “Oh, he’s going eat us!” Petrie shouts. Then Spike sees the incident and tries saving them from the Two-Filled but Spike got an idea.

Spike climbs up the rock walls and then starts rolling to make the Two-Filled falling down, then he can lift the log on him to be stuck, then Spike gets him fall into the Fast Water.

The kids thanked Spike because he saved them from the Two-Filled. “Oh, thank you, Spike!” Ducky said. “Maybe Spike did good thinking after all.” Cera said. “We better go home now for we need a rest.” Littlefoot said.

Later in the Great Valley, Chomper, Ducky, Spike and Guido play a big seed. “We have something given to you because you saved us from the Two-Filled Fast Biter,” Littlefoot tells Spike. The others showed Spike a feast of his favorite tree sweets.

But Spike doesn’t want to eat tree sweets. “What wrong with you, Spike? Cera said. “I think Spike had enough to eating before becoming weight diet again.” Ducky said. “Maybe he had been waiting to eat when he's better.” Everyone guessed to eat tree sweets without Spike, because he eats too much food.


  • The first time, Spike eats too much berries just like Yellow Bellies do because they’re bellies feeler bigger.
  • First appearance of the Dinosaurs and other creatures: Dilophosaurus

Spike eats berries and then gets fatter

Spike eats too much berries

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