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Information in this article is non-canon

Venatione Venatus (commonly abbreviated to VV) is a Land Before Time Fanfiction by author Dosu2Dinner.

Plot Overview

The plot concerns Chomper being taken by two mysterious young sharpteeth on the orders of another mysterious individual and placed within their hunting pack. As if this wasn’t dramatic enough for him, the Great Valley is under threat from a figure from the past, and the gang find themselves right in the middle as two mighty forces prepare for war. They have to make some of the hardest moral decisions they ever have. WARNING, these related pages contain spoilers, although only as far as has been written.

Related Pages

· Chomper (VV)

·        Seizon

·        Saureen

·        Xal

·        Ulciscor

·        Kai

·        Pyron

·        Nycha

·        Lini

·        Al

·        Bludgeon Brigade

·        Dorian Thicknose

·        Littlefoot (VV)

·        Cera (VV)

·        Ducky (VV)

·        Petrie (VV)

·        Spike (VV)

·        Ruby (VV)

·        Omendric

·        Ronan

·        Opal

·        Topps Threehorn

·        Tria (VV)

·        Tricia (VV)

·        Kosh Clubtail

·        Gigas

·        Erikyon

·        Redclaw (VV)

·        Screech and Thud (VV)

·        Grand Cave Network

·        First Battle of the Great Valley

·        The Fanged Forest

·        Zyro

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