Information in this article is non-canon


Sharptooth Flyer:Evil Doers Sharpteeth Just Follow Me We've Had Enough of Losing Now We Need Are Own Lead We Can Pull of This Job Better If Were Doing Bad Together The Lost Tree Star of Plateo Will Be Ours Just Wait and See

Cool Grey Sharptooth:I Have Had Enough of All This Sunshine

Rinkus:All Those Pesky Leaf Eaters Put a Wrench in All My Schemes

Grey Sharptooth:I Will Play Along and Fiesel

Rinkus:I Will Pretend to Help and Squisel

Canyon Sharptooth:I Will Take Out The Other Three

All Four:And Keep The Treasure All For Me All Hail The Legion of Dino Villains The Legion of Dino Villains HAHAHAHAHAHA The Legion of Dino Villains

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