Information in this article is non-canon

This one comes after The Land Before Time XVII: Journey Under the Great Valley and before The Land Before Time XIX: The Time of Great Growing.

In this one, five young Fast Biters (in this case Dakotaraptors) find an abandoned egg near a rockslide, the parents having perished in it along with most of the eggs.  They take it in and decide to hatch it.  However, they realize, when it hatches, that it isn't a Sharptooth at all, but a Clubtail, whom they name Leafie.  

They debate what to do with her.  Eventually, the five: Thorn, Lorenzo, Darrien, Edna, and Farrel, decide that it wouldn't be right to eat her and hide her from their parents, whom they rightly guess to be a threat to her.  They keep her hidden for years in Hunter Valley, giving up time playing with the other Fast Biter children so that they can keep her safe.

Eventually, however, they realize that they cannot possibly keep her a secret forever and that, if she is ever discovered, will be eaten on the spot by the adults.  They begin to look for a place to send Leafie where she can live safely.  During their search, they encounter Littlefoot and his friends.  

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