Information in this article is non-canon

In this one, Topps's father comes to the Great Valley.  He meetst his son, his step-daugther-in-law Tria , his grandaughters Cera and his grandaughter, Cera's suriving sister, Olivia, her mate Charger,  Dinah and Dana (Olivia's chldren)  his great-grandchildren.  

He complains that Cera is friends with a longneck and his bigotry soon causes trouble.  It soon comes out that Grandpa Threehorn has made Topps bigoted by how he brought him up.  

[More in between]

Near the climax, Grandpa Threehorn, who is going to be joined by his son, Topps, to fight the bad guys in the Mysterious Beyond,  is told by the kids that they think that fighting isn't always the answer.  Grandpa Threehorn says that if you're not tough, nobody will think much of you.  The kids, even Cera now, disagree, telling him that sometimes to be tough, you have to be tough enough to know when not to fight.  

Grandpa Threehorn and Topps agree to back down and start to head back.  The bad guys taunt them and eventually decide to attack.  However, before they can do so, some Sharpteeth come and chase them.  The bad guys, now shown to not be as tough as they appeared, run off from them and are chased away by the Sharpteeth, their fate being ambiguous.  

Grandpa Threehorn is impressed and says that he thinks that maybe the other kinds aren't so bad after all, as they can still teach him things and that they aren't so bad after all.   They all go back home.  

This one goes after XV and before .XVII

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