Information in this article is non-canon


After end of Cretaceous Period,Littlefoot and the gang with other dinosaurs hiding in the woods and under ground.

And now,there is Ice Age.Littlefoot befriends a mammoth child named Tina.Petrie sees Flyers is replaced by birds.At least,Cera calls Warmskins (Mammals) stupid and furred.There,Tina gives gang some warm scarfs made of her own fur.Meanwhile,Chomper tries to catch a mouse to eat,when Ruby find some water.Ali is kidnapped by Saber Claw and his sabretoothed tiger guard.Littlefoot saves Ali with Cera and Bron.For answers,Littlefoot and the gang go to Tina's tribe.

Ducky and Petrie meet a bird.Meanwhile,Saber Claw plans to destroy Littlefoot and the gang.But Littlefoot again defeats him.Gang go to the Africa,where some dinosaurs remain.Also,they meet tribe of Gigantices (Indricoterium).

Also they meet Monkey Humans (Australopitechus) and fighting Nosehorns (Rhino).

But they meet strange,mysterious entity--lion named Great Claw.He pretends to be first sapient life and sells gang to Antarctica.

In Antarctica,gang meet some Flyers and tribe of Arcticswims (Penguins).They trying learn to fly.Also,one of Flyers seen fighting with the sea leopard.Gang is returned to Europe thanks to Elsie.

Gang and Tina again go to the Africa,but too late--Saber Claw is guarding entrance to Pride Rock and lions taked over all Earth,thanks to megaladons and Swimming Sharptooth.Moe distracted Swimming Sharptooth,and Sharptooth is dead because of falling rocks.

Meanwhile,Topsy defeated Saber Claw and opened entrance to Pride Rock.And in vain--there been soldiers of Great Claw.But Topsy easily defeated them.

On Great Claw's lair,there been final battle.Bron and Littlefoot with gang defeated Great Claw,and his lair is crushing.Great Claw tries is run,but is dead because of falling rocks.Again,like in all fairy tales,now turning happy end.

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