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Information in this article is non-canon

Petrie: "Wow, me see big silhouette approaching."

Chomper: "I wonder who it is."

[Music Playing In Background]

Tiffany: (singing) Is it somebody who looks just like us Is it somebody who acts just like us Is it somebody who would sleep beside us In a nest

Ducky: (singing) Is it somebody who speaks just like us has a tail or a beak just like us or is it somebody that we all like best

Littlefoot: (singing) I don't know who it is who it is, but I wanna find out who's silhouette that is

Petrie: (singing) He no fly like me he no run away from me

Kaleb: (singing in Will Ferrell's Robert Goulet impersonation voice) I know he likes listening to stories the way we do

Cera: (singing) he's very brave like me and he fought evil sharpteeth across the floor

Gladys: (singing) he's very smart like us and he likes to guide us safely through

Chomper: (singing) I just wanna find out who it is

Ruby: (singing) I got no clue, got no clue, but I wanna know who's silhouette it belongs to

Ali: (singing) It might be something big, but not spooky, he might be the leader of our team and I bet it's not somebody who looks just like us............

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