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This is a story from a roleplay by MongooseLover and Lord of the Stars

The Return of the Tyrantasaurus


A shorty Sharptooth (Compsognathus) is running as swiftly as he can, his heart racing, two small fast biters (Austroraptors) hot in pursuit. They are fast but he is faster. One ambushes from the camouflage of a dead tree with scorch marks. The shorty Sharptooth rolls to the right making the fast biter miss. He runs, barely dodging snapping jaws and swiping arms. He outruns them.

A duo of Sharp Beaks zip down at him, he dodges the first swoop then the second, the Sharp Beaks fly at 45 yards above him circling around him to play with him physiologically. He manages to slip through cracks in a rock losing them in a big cave. Weird monitor lizard looking things inside the cave have at him, trying to cut off his path so they can eat him, but he quickly gets past them. Cave teeth fall from the ceiling but he manages to dodge them, exiting the cave at an area where a grand open spot is in huge mountain walls.

As he runs to the opening a herd of Longnecks walk the same path in the opposite direction, panting heavily a stitch in his side and terror in his eyes he dodges the big stupid stomping feet of the behemoth beasts.

He then finds himself in a great valley, lush foliage around him, with no signs of danger he stands their panting while babbling to no one with some hyperventilation going on, then collapses, breathing slowing, starting more and more to feel safe.

It's hard being small and tasty, everyone wants to eat you, and sometimes you just don't know what to do. Where can you go? where can you hide? at the bottom of the food chain oh how can you survive. Every moment, thinking it may be your last, no guarantee your prayer answered no siree, sometimes you feel it's time to kiss your tush goodbye. It's a hard life, being so small, every day another day you might die, and every night getting over your fears, nothing to do but to cry. Everyone is begging you, no please don't run away, let me catch you, let me taste you. I need somewhere safer to stay. said the shorty Sharptooth.

A big pink and brown Longneck with brown eyes comes toward him. Next to him is a tall dark green Sharptooth with red eyes. However, they do not attack each other, but instead come toward the shorty Sharptooth.

"He looks like he's worn out." said the Longneck.

"As long as he doesn't try and eat anyone here, I'll let him live. I only eat Sharpteeth that attack Flattooth children, or try and hurt my friends." said the Sharptooth.

"Perhaps we should take him to the watering hole. He looks really spent." suggested the Longneck.

"Good idea." replied the Sharptooth. The Sharptooth picks him up and brings him to the watering hole.

"He looks like he got chased by a bunch of Sharpteeth. That's my guess. He's so exhausted." said a dark brown Threehorn.

"I think he will be ok. He is just tired out. He is. He is." said a dark green Swimmer.

"Me no think he dangerous. Great Valley probably let him stay." said a brown and orange Flyer.

A big green Spiketail nodded, munching on a ton of green plants.

"He is lucky that he got into here or else he would have been eaten out there if he had not gotten into the Great Valley." said a tall and rather slender Fast Runner.

A tall purple and brown Longneck looked at the shorty Sharptooth her mate had brought. "You taking in another one Littlefoot?" she asked him.

"I won't let any creature die if I don't have to, Ali." he replied.

"You miss your mother still, don't you?" said Ali.

"I do. It's been 20 cold times since I lost her." said Littlefoot.

"Dad, what you got there?" asked a cute pink and brown Longneck with blue eyes.

"A shorty Sharptooth. Appears to be worn out." said Littlefoot.

"Can we keep him Dad? Are we going to raise him just like you did with Chomper?" asked the boy.

"We'll see, Pato." said Littlefoot.

The shorty Sharptooth cried What is this? A Two Claw at the same watering hole as a Longneck, and no eating? A handful of mixed kinds with no shunning in differentiation? I must be, in heaven! Where is the great creator, I must see him, I must know if he truly is as magnificent as his universe.

You're not dead. You're in the Great Valley. said the Sharptooth.

"What he saying Chomper?" said the Flyer to the Sharptooth.

"Petrie, I think he thinks he's dead. He wonders how all you Flattooth are getting along and why I'm not eating you." said Chomper.

Yes, this valley is great indeed. I never seen something so big. Nice to meet you, my name is Tucompso. said the shorty Sharptooth.

Tucompso looks around in awe at the sights. He can see Threehorn Peak, Saurus Rock, and many other marvels all in easy view even from where he stands. He can't help but fall on his knees...

It's, it's amazing, the legend is true! I have discovered the land of the gods! said Tucompso ecstatically.

Er, no. But it is pretty. replied Chomper. I suppose you're wondering about me. Well, it's a long story. I can tell you it.

After many hours, Chomper finishes.

So, Littlefoot didn't want you to become like the Sharptooth who killed his mother? asked Tucompso.

Yes. I only eat Sharpteeth that try and eat Flattooth kids, or, er, my friends here. I've had some Egg Stealers too, but only if I catch them stealing eggs. I really don't like killing dinosaurs and don't do it unless I can save another one. said Chomper. My friends and I defeated the dread Red Claw some cold times ago. I came back to live with my mom and dad, but came here when I came of age. As I'm a Friendly Sharptooth, they let me in. said Chomper.

What about if something tries to eat me? will you protect me too? asked Tucompso.

Well, I was only aiming to protect Flatteeth, but I guess I can protect you too. said Chomper.

"I'm glad that you're a nice Sharptooth and not like that mean one, Chomper. And I'm glad that the mean one that killed my mother is dead." said Littlefoot.


That's pretty dark. So, this is your survival strategy? Lure tactics? In the Mysterious Beyond too many Sharpteeth lack the cunning it takes to survive this tough world like you. But I can easily lure in food for you. I have special 'eat me 'powers that can get you the tastiest meals thinking their closing in on me, then you can snap them! said Tucompso.

Ok. By the way, do you happen to know of any Sharpteeth that like to pick on Flattooth kids? You could use your 'eat me' powers and lure them to me. said Chomper.

Tucompso asked Why only Flattooth kids? why do you favor them over mine should I succeed in my journey of life?

I can protect your kids too, I guess. said Chomper. After all, protecting more things, as long as I don't protect too much, does mean more for me to eat.

Pato pokes the shorty Sharptooth. "It doesn't seem dangerous Dad. I think we should let it stay here."

Tucompso said Now, I don't know any Sharpteeth who particularly seek Flatteeth children as an only food source, but if any Sharpteeth spot me, I bring them right to you. By the way your friends are getting kinda curious, have they never seen my kind before?

I'm the only Sharptooth that lives in the Great Valley. I have been looking for a mate, but haven't found one yet. said Chomper. His stomach growls. Speaking of getting me something, could you get something right now? Chomper goes to a stream, grabs many fish, and eats them. I can, of course, eat these, but, well, they don't quite fill me. He gives the shorty Sharptooth some fish. I know I am still hungry and could eat more of those, but you look kind of worn out and I don't know when you've last eaten.

Tucompso remarked Small world, the search for a mate is why I am alone, on nature's testing grounds. It is the tradition of my people. But I'm sure you know all about that.

Tucompso added Tell you what, I know something I can get you, but first I better ask, how many Fast Biters can you handle at once?

Depends what type of Fast Biter you mean. The bigger ones, only about six. The smaller ones, probably about 15. said Chomper.

Tucompso smiles. Perfect.

Er, which one is it? asked Chomper. And by the way, I don't hunt Two Claws of course. I even really have to push myself to kill them. I don't like killing my own kind. And, also, I'm terrible at defeating Three Claws and I don't think I could do a Sailback (never tried it.

Sometime later, there are 15 Fast Biters near the entrance to the great valley, Tucompso is their licking his lower leg as if he doesn't see them. They spot him and head toward him. He remains calm as if he doesn't see them coming, allowing them to close in.

Hello there. I think you will be leaving now. said Chomper to the 15 Fast Biters.

Get your own meal Two Claw! snapped a Velociraptor.

Leave, now! snapped another Velociraptor.

Get your own meal! snapped another Velociraptor.

Fine, if you insist. sighed Chomper. He leaps into the air and comes down, crushing two Velociraptors. He bites another in half. The remaining 12 come at him to attack him.

Tucompso watches from onto of a tall rock, waiting to see how this plays out.

A Fast Biter bites Chomper in the leg. However, he pays dearly for it, as Chomper spins around and impales the offending Fast Biter with the claws on his feet. He kicks two more in the throat as they leap at him, sending blood spattering in the air. Three more try and bite Chomper in the chest, but cannot leap up high enough to do him real damage. Their efforts get them killed by his kill claws on his hands. He strikes fights with the five of them, getting a few cuts and a, thankfully not deep, gash. At last, only one Fast Biter is left alive. The Fast Biter, knowing she is outnumbered, falls to her knees, pleading for Chomper not to kill her.

Please don't kill me. You have 14 already. You don't need me. she pleads, shaking like an Earthshake.

Tucompso walks up to one of the fallen Fast Biter corpses and begins eating it. He doesn't look in the last one's direction at all.

What do you think I should do with this one? She doesn't seem to want to eat you and just wants to go home, alive. Chomper asks Tucompso.

Do what you want. said the shorty Sharptooth.

Chomper grabs Tucompso. He brings him in front of the Fast Biter. You see this shorty Sharptooth? Don't ever try and hurt him again. If you do, you know what will happen to you. said Chomper, pointing at the dead Fast Biters. She nods, before leaving.

He turns his gaze to the dead Fast Biters. Wow, that's a lot to eat! When he is done with the Fast Biters, he is feeling sleepy. He decides that he'll put the Fast Biter bones near the entrance to the Great Valley to scare off future would be hunters from going near it. However, he plans to sleep off his meal first.

However, before he can leave, he spots a big green Two-Claw, who has one big red eye and one damaged red eye and also had a big scar on top of his head, as though something hit him in the head. Hide, I'll talk to him. Chomper told Tucompso.

I see you're hunting Fast Biters. Quite brave to take on 14 at once. the strange Sharptooth remarked.

Er, thanks. said Chomper. Something about this Sharptooth unnerved him.

My name is Shredder. What is yours? said the Sharptooth.

Er, Chomper. said Chomper.

You have some nerve hunting near the Great Valley. Surprised they don't give you any trouble. said Shredder.

Nah, the ones that do end up like that. Chomper lied, for he didn't want the stranger to know he was a Flattooth friend, for he hated being laughed at, pointing at the bones of the dead Fast Biters.

There are five Flatteeth in there that I owe a beat down on. A Longneck, a Threehorn, a Swimmer, a Flyer, and a Spiketail. said Shredder.

Tucompso whispered to Chomper There is something about the presence of this one that scares me.

What did they do to you? asked Chomper.

The Longneck damaged my eye and all of them pushed a boulder on my head, giving me this scar. said Shredder. I nearly drowned but somehow managed to come back to the surface. I spent many cold times looking for the brats and believe, based on stories from these Fast Biters named Screech and Thud, that they live in the Great Valley.

Tucompso remarked Man, that must have been epic. Six great big dinosaurs in an all-out brawl.

I wish the tiny morsel would just shut up. I just swallow them whole. These things aren't worthy to live. said Shredder coldly.

It was five little brats actually. They were kids then, but I expect, since it's been 20 cold times, that they are now adults. I'll have the last laugh on those brats soon, though. I'm going to attack the Great Valley with my Two Claw pack. I've become the leader of one over the cold times. And I have been scouting out the Great Valley. The little brats led me to an entrance of it and I've had the chance to spy upon it. said Shredder. He reaches toward Tucompso. Are you going to eat that little thing? If not, I'll take it. said Shredder.

Chomper puts the shorty Sharptooth in his mouth and pretends to swallow him whole. Nah, I'll take him. said Chomper.

Nice meeting you Chomper. said Shredder, before leaving. When Shredder was gone, Chomper spat out Tucompso.

I think I know who he is after. He's after my friends. said Chomper.

That jerk is downright evil, wanting to eat little guys like me whole! said Tucompso.


(Warning: The reason, so far anyway, that this was upgraded to T is in this chapter.)

An Egg Stealer walks around until he finds a patch a soft ferns, then lays down curling up yawning, slips into relaxation.

Meanwhile, Tucompso said to Chomper You know I really can't say I expected something so big to even bother wasting energy on something so small. Anyway we best go tell your friends about this, we're burning daylight.

The Egg Stealer, meanwhile, continues to sleep. Sometime later, his mate comes by. "Got us an egg." she said. He wakes up and smiles at her. The two of them eat the yoke.

Tucompso returns to the lake he was shown earlier and gets a nice drink of water.

The Egg Stealer, meanwhile, said to his mate "Hey dear, can you please do me one little favor? In fact, think of it more as a reward."

"What exactly did you have in mind?" asked the female Egg Stealer.

'I want to express my passion for you in a physical way, the two of us becoming one, as is the course of nature. In an area so romantic as this where the flowers bloom and the great circle rises. With nothing to fear but a slight second where you do not enjoy my sweet embrace. You deserve the pleasure my love. Please? May I?" he asked her.

"Um, ok." she said.

""I would like you to lift your lovely tail and hold still for a moment. I'll show you, and you will love it. I guarantee." he said. She agreed. He gets onto her standing on her back, nice graceful and gentle, then, lowers his cloaca to come into contact with hers.

Meanwhile, back in the Great Valley, Chomper said "I think I met Sharptooth in the Mysterious Beyond."

"THE Sharptooth? The one that killed my mother? I thought he drowned." said Littlefoot.

"Apparently not. And he wants to kill you and your friends." said Chomper.

"He won't get into the Great Valley. It keeps out the bad ones." said Cera.

"He says he plans to attack with a large group." said Chomper.

"Where is Tucompso? He saw Sharptooth too you said." said Ali.

"Chomper, I don't know. I thought he was right behind me." said Chomper, looking around him.

Meanwhile, the shorty Sharptooth finishes drinking from the pond. He heads back toward the Great Valley. He hears Egg Stealers mating. Eccch! Dino love! he groaned. Not wanting to witness the event, he heads into the Great Valley.

Tucompso takes a fresh water shelled swimmer with him (fresh water lobster) and brings it to Chomper Want some dessert Chomper? Least I can do for saving me from that big scare faced thing. he asked.

Well, I wasn't going to let him swallow you whole. That's a terrible way to die. Besides, I'm rather full. I mean, I ate fish and a bunch of Fast Biters. I don't think I should keep eating. I'm not Spike after all. said Chomper. If I keep eating, I shall have a food loss (barf) and my friends really don't like to see the contents of what I eat. In fact, they prefer that I often go eat somewhere else. Thanks for the offer though. I can always eat this later. 'Anyway, you saw him too. Unfortunately, I don't think you can talk Leaf Eater and tell them, but you can at least try and draw a picture of him in the sand for them.

Tucompso takes a twig and begins to draw in the sand, after about 45 minutes he still hasn't stopped, the detail so far show a large Sharptooth with one eye, a dint in his head, lines that are supposed to represent something coming from his breath but without color it is hard to tell what it is supposed to be. The background is around him in fine detail, even showing at 800 yards a sharp mandible (praying mantis) holding a leaf gobbler. Then he begins to draw the bones at the great valley entry, still not finishing yet.

"That looks like Sharptooth all right. It does. It does." said Ducky in alarm.

"We have to tell my grandparents. They need to know about this." said Littlefoot.

Littlefoot and Ali came to his aging, though still alive, grandparents. "I'm afraid Sharptooth is still alive." said Littlefoot.

"What? Our daughter's killer still lives!" gasped Grandpa Longneck.

Tucompso, who didn't understand Leaf Eater, wondered aloud Why do they sound so scared? do they not like my artistic amazement?

"I wish that I could have gotten there faster before the Great Earthshake messed things up too much. I'd have made that Sharptooth Sharptoothless!" said Grandpa Longneck angrily.

"Do you think the Sharptooth will get us, Dad?" asked a purple female Longneck with brown eyes.

"No, Emelia. I won't let him." said Littlefoot.

The male Egg Stealer nuzzles his mate standing next to her having finished giving her what he can for now.

"So." he asks "Did you like that?"

He waits eagerly for her answer.

"Yes, I enjoyed that. Wish I could do more. I did want kids. I wanted eggs of my own to hatch rather than eggs of someone else to eat." she said.

"That makes up, I guess, for forgetting that today was our anniversary." said the male Egg Stealer, blushing.

You can have more of that any time you want, but I can only offer it once every hour or so. Hey, look over there, there are a lot of Flatteeth gathering to hear the latest gossip. What you say we sneak over and eves drop? It may sound rude now, but trust me, whatever they know could save our lives. After all you know how they are about Sharpteeth." he said to her.

"Wait, you’re forget our anniversary?!" snapped the female Egg Stealer.

"Relax, it’s still morning, I will be willing to grant you whatever you want for your anniversary until the great circle goes down, and if necessary even pretend it still hasn't for the next 48 hours." her mate said to her, trying to diffuse the situation.

"Are we going to steal the Flatteeth eggs? What would they know about Sharpteeth anyway that we wouldn't?" asked the female Egg Stealer.

"They would know what we wouldn't, if new ones are making their territory near where we have made ours. And yes, we can eat their eggs if you so desire. After all, there is no better source of protein, and we will need lots and lots of protein." said her mate.

"Fine, we'll go." she replied.

"Just remember, if we get caught, simply say we are vegetarians. If that don't work, make them argue then run while they argue. They are after all very stupid." he said.


"Does anyone know where Sharptooth is hiding? We need to know what he is up to." said Cera.

"Me doubt many here will volunteer to go spy on him." said Petrie.

"I'll go. It's my mother he killed." said Littlefoot.

"No, I can't let you put yourself in danger. I'll go. Unlike you, he isn't trying to kill me." said Chomper.

"Chomper, be careful." said Ali.

"Always." Chomper replied.

Tucompso asked Chomper, what are they saying? Do they like my artwork or not?

They liked it. It was Sharptooth that they are afraid of. As you know, Sharptooth viciously ripped the flesh off of the back of Littlefoot's mother. And, apparently, she wasn't his only victim. He was dreaded around the area where the Great Earthshake happened. Indeed, many fell during that dreaded quake, but he was the only one to survive it. He is quite powerful. said Chomper.

Tucompso said And he said he will invade the great valley? Wanting revenge for... and he starts to laugh, getting almost drowned by children?

I would like to know what this is about too. It seems odd that he'd attack the whole Great Valley just to get at Littlefoot and his friends. But that is what I'm going to find out. said Chomper.

Be careful. said Tucompso.

The male Egg Stealer whispered to his mate "Seems my judgment was right. Let's stay away from the Great Valley until all this is over. Now, let's get out before we are spotted. Unless you still want some eggs while we are here."

Before they can leave, however, Chomper, who is heading out to go find Shredder, comes across them. "What are you doing here? Planning to steal eggs? You know, the Great Valley has authorized me to EAT any Egg Stealers that try and sneak into here to make off with eggs. I suggest you tell the truth. It will be worse for you if you don't." he said to them.

"If you're going to eat us, you can only eat us one at a time, so I would suggest you start with me so I can give you your exercise." said the male Egg Stealer. He meant was that he would delay Chomper long enough for his mate to get away. Chomper realizes this too.

"You were going to sacrifice yourself so she could get away? That's so sweet." said Chomper. "But, you still were planning to eat eggs, form the looks of it. The Great Valley would NOT be pleased with me if I just let you go, er, undigested. However, I am pretty full right now and have had enough bloodshed for one day with those 14 Fast Biters, and so have decided to give you one chance at not being a meal stored for some other day. I want to know if you know where a certain Sharptooth is." he said to them. He described Shredder. "Do you know where he is? If not, I suggest you tell me the truth. I can always taste you with my tongue for many minutes before eating you if you try anything funny." Chomper warned.

"You mean like trying to convince you we have information when we don't to try to increase our chances of staying alive? Tempting, but probably a bad idea, just a guess. What would you suggest we do if we want to get this over with sooner and still survive long enough to go somewhere you can't follow if you change your mind?" asked the male Egg Stealer.

"If you are truthful, I wouldn't change my mind, even if hungry. Now, if I were really starving, I wouldn't even bother to give you a chance. As it is, I am stuffed with fish and Fast Biter. I cannot down you now, for I will suffer food loss as my stomach wouldn't be able to handle you both." he said. He pounces on the male Egg Stealer with strong force, knocking the wind out of him. He puts a claw over his throat. "Ok, do you have any information on the Sharptooth I described. If now, I'll deal with you and give your mate a five-minute head start. However, I should warn her, Egg Stealers DON'T have a good track record of outrunning me." Chomper said.

The male Egg Stealer tries to speak but he is to terrified to utter even a slight syllable, he fights desperately to overcome it and speak but only succeeds in watering the grass.

"Ew. Yuck! You aren't the first one to do that to me, but it still is unpleasant." said Chomper in disgust. He moves his foot claw a bit away from the Egg Stealer. "Ok, are you going to talk or are you going to empty your bladder some more?" Chomper asked.

"Yes I have heard of this Sharptooth, in a large lush valley I have over heard flat teeth talking about him, we also overheard two Sharpteeth mention he is on his way over hear for revenge. Now please please please don't kill me!" said the male Egg Stealer, shaking and pleading for his life.

"Do you happen to know where he lives? He mentioned this pack he was in control of. That could be helpful. Could you at least point me the way and give me directions to this lush valley? And, once you do that, I suggest you find a new home. If this place comes under attack, Shredder might use you as a breath mint." said Chomper to them.

"Yes, to find this lush valley, look down. Your standing in it!" said the male Egg Stealer.

"He lives here?" asked Chomper incredulously. "Say, this isn't some sort of joke, is it? If it is, I shall use you to pick my nose first and then eat you later." Chomper said.

The male Egg Stealer said "No, I was telling you where I first heard of him. Hear, I first heard of him hear. Is my mate still hear? maybe she knows something. Please say something dear, anything you think could save me please!"

"By the way, how can you hear Sharpteeth? Most of them don't speak Leaf Eater. If you really did hear someone tell you where he is, then tell me and I can go find them and ask them. Any tricks and I promise more of you than your bladder water will be spilled on the ground." Chomper warned, raising his claws on his feet over the male Egg Stealer, poised to slash.

"Some of us only know Flattooth, some of us only know Sharptooth, some of us have spent a long long time somewhere in between where both dwell. Also I am starting to think you don't like me. If you’re going to kill me just get it over with, because I don't have anything I can give to convince you to let me go. Just please, be painless. I can't take any more of this. Please just get it over with." begged the male.

"No, you wouldn't believe the nonsense some prey give me. All these lies. One tends to get doubtful after a while. You aren't the first Egg Stealers to try and make a deal with me. However, you may get the honor of being the first ones to, well, live." said Chomper. "You said that there were some guys down there that knew. I shall go and find out. If I find you've been pulling my leg, a lot more of you than your leg is going to be pulled when I catch up with you." said Chomper. He releases the Egg Stealer and heads off down further into the lush valley.


Meanwhile, Ali said to Littlefoot "I'm so sorry Littlefoot. To have to go through this all over again. I mean, you'd hoped he was gone after he killed your mother. Now, I bet it hurts, knowing he's alive." said Ali.

"He won't be killing another member of my family. I've made up my mind that if we get into real trouble, then I'll hold him off and you leave with the kids." said Littlefoot.

"But Littlefoot, he might kill you." said Ali.

"At least you'd be safe." he said, nuzzling her neck with his neck.

Grandpa and Grandma Longneck were also angry about Sharptooth being still alive. They wanted to fight Shredder themselves, but, being in their later 80's, it was not a good idea. And Cera's father Topps couldn't help much either, as he was in his mid-70's and had lost quite a bit of his thunder. They could get Bron. Bron could help out. Bron would definitely want to be the one to get revenge on his wife's killer. But where would he be at this time of year?

Meanwhile, the male Egg Stealer whispered to his mate: "Stupid Sharptooth, that is a complete misinterpretation of what I said, I was just describing what happened moments before I got caught in hopes that maybe something good would happen. We are going to die. And I don't know what we can do to prevent it. Know anywhere we can hide?"

Chomper, meanwhile, comes to some Sharpteeth in the Lush Valley. After asking them, he indeed finds that they do know where Shredder. Having gotten the information he needed, he heads back to the two Egg Stealers, who haven't found a good place to hide from him. "Hello." said Chomper to them.

"Save yourself, I will try to hold him off." The male Egg Stealer shouts, having no idea that in an ironic way he was completely right.

"Not to worry. You were honest. I found the information on Shredder. He's in the Long Valley near the Land of the Featherhead Sharpteeth. Thanks for the information. You can be about your way. Besides, you should know that I consider Egg Stealers junk food and don't normally eat them unless they try and steal eggs from the Great Valley. You won't be bothered by me again." said Chomper before leaving. The two Egg Stealers, stunned by their dumb luck, pass out.

When they come to, they decide to go live somewhere else. "It's an anniversary present you always wanted." said the male Egg Stealer. "A new home." His mate laughs.

Chomper, meanwhile, heads into the Long Valley. He spots an area with many bones. Up ahead, he sees Shredder, though he is not alone, but is with a pack.

Hello Chomper. Glad to see you again. Was planning to attack the Great Valley in 14 rising and settings of the Bright Circle. said Shredder.

A medium blue Two Claw with black stripes and emerald eyes, five feet short for her kind, and without a single battle scar to brag about examines Chomper, sniffing him.

Seems suspicious to me Shredder. she says. I mean he just happens to find your hide out so quickly? Something about him makes me uneased.

A rust-colored Two Claw twice her age and twice her size scoffs You think everything is suspicious. Remember that time that...

Shut it. she snaps.

A green Two Claw, scrawny and over energetic, just watches them argue and laughs with amusement.

Chomper thinks of what to say. He cannot tell them that he is working for the Great Valley. However, he realizes that he would have to explain why he would go looking for Shredder in the first place. Finally, he thinks of something plausible. I heard that your pack has some of the strongest Sharpteeth around. It seemed a good place to find a mate. The other packs I've found aren't worthy of me. he replies quickly.

The short blue female suddenly changes her attitude

Never mind what I said, if you want me I am yours, any time you like you adorable..

The tall rust colored one laughs Ahem, keep your dignity.

Sorry. She replies. Don't know what got over me. Uh, don't tell anyone about this, or else.

Why does Shredder want to attack the Great Valley over five silly Flatteeth? I mean, they didn't kill him after all. There are a lot more Flatteeth in there than just five. Seems very risky to actually go in there. My parents once braved it and the Flatteeth all banded together and drove them out. Chomper asks the blue female.

The scrawny green Sharptooth sniffed Chomper. He smells like Egg Stealers. he laughed.

After I was done with those 14 Fast Biters, I decided to have two Egg Stealers for dessert. Chomper lied. When I caught the male, I decided to mess with him before nomming him. He was so terrified that he, er, released his bladder water onto me. That's why I smell funny.

The short blue Two Claw said You remind me of Phyco, I say we let him stay.

The scrawny green Two Claw grumbled Oh please, I can't eat that much. I would have left them alive with their entrails hanging out in a colony crawler nest. (ants.) That way we can have less eggs at risk of being snatched and the crawlers will have their meal.

The short blue Two Claw comes closer and whispers into Chomper's ear It's kinda a secret, and by kinda I mean we are not I repeat not allowed to talk about it in Shredders presence. You want to know, come with me, I will tell you.

She leads the way to talk to him alone.

Phyco grumbled Hmp, lucky!

Meanwhile, in the Great Valley, Ruby said to Littlefoot "I hope Chomper can manage this. He is good at fighting smaller Sharpteeth like Fast Biters and Belly Draggers but I am not so sure he would fight a Two Claw like himself as well as he would fight something that is smaller than a Two Claw."

"Ruby, we are going to have to trust him." said Littlefoot.

"He has been gone some time. He has. I hope that Sharptooth did not kill him." said Ducky to him.

"Ducky, Chomper is the bravest Sharptooth I've met. He won't be killed so easily." Littlefoot reassured her.

"Me no think you meet many Sharpteeth that talk to you, so that not saying much." Petrie said.

Littlefoot and Spike went to the spot where they thought they had killed Sharptooth. "Isn't it a pain that he's still alive? I mean, we pushed him off and he fell into the water. He nearly took out Petrie." Littlefoot said. Spike nodded. Spike grabbed some green food and ate it. He saw a tasty green plant hanging over the edge of the water. Being the glutton that he was, Spike goes for it. He gets it, but also loses his balance and falls into the water.

"Spike!" Littlefoot cried. He dove into the water after Spike. Spike went down, for he wasn't that good of a Swimmer. Littlefoot had, since his childhood days, learned to swim somewhat. He went to the bottom of the water and got Spike. Spike, however, in a panic, grabbed onto him, trying to pull onto him. "Spikkke. Nooooe!' Littlefoot said under the water, his voice distorted by the water.

Littlefoot grabs onto Spike, starting to feel fainter due to lack of air. Only somewhat conscious, he and Spike come into an area with area. When they get their bearings, they find that they are in an underground cave. "Aha, so this is how Sharptooth survived!" Littlefoot exclaimed.

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