Information in this article is non-canon

For the canon song, see Chanson D'Ennui.

Littlefoot: "Sparkling Forest is a real long road all the way from here."

Cera: "Tell me about it, when we get there, my feet can stop killing me."

[Music Playing In Background]

Chomper: (singing) It’s boring, boring really awfully boring when you’re trying to find which path to take when you need some directions to get there we'll be there right on time

Littlefoot: (singing) we'll go on an adventure and we're gonna go exploring, but it's just no fun to be walking around forever it's really awfully boring

[Music Continues playing In Background]

Cera: (singing) it's boring, boring, really awfully boring when your feet can tire you out when you walk all around and you get tired out you might just need to stop

Ducky: (singing) our journey is fantastic, but we need to keep on going

Petrie: (singing) Sharpteeth make us frightened

Tiffany: (singing) they can make me terrified

[Land Before Time Wiki/OC/Kaleb|[Kaleb]]: (singing in Will Ferrell's Robert Goulet impersonation voice) It's really awfully

Gladys: (singing) really awfully

Chomper: '(''singing)' Really awfully boring.............

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