Information in this article is non-canon

This is a term for the Sharptooth equivalent of herd leader.  Like the Leaf Eater herd leader, this leader had strong control over his/her followers.  Unlike the Leaf Eater counterpart, this role, perhaps due to the fierce nature obtained with getting the leadership, was almost always patriarchial.  The leadership was either gotten by a group of Sharpteeth agreeing to submit to a leader without question or when a dominant male took over, usually killing any males and their families who got in his way.  

The leader would often in assist in hunting and often got a larger share of the kill, due to him being the leader.  A leader could pass on his role to his son,or lacking a son, to his son-in-law.  If there was no heir, there would be fighting among the pack until one was picked.

Challenging the leader was a very serious offence and often was met by banishment from the pack, if not an outright fight to the death with the leader for challenging his will.  

The mates of the pack leaders also held a good deal of sway.  

Notable Leaders

Fast Biter Leader

Fast Biter Leader was the leader of the pack of Velociraptors in the third film.  


Antiochles was the Tyrannosaurus Rex leader of the pack of the Valley of Sharpteeth.  He had a daughter, Andromeda, and hence preferred her mate to succeed him.  However, his strong-willed daughter seemed to have trouble finding a mate.  

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