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Information in this article is non-canon

This page is mostly about the relationship of Littlefoot and Cera in fanfictions. It is mostly about them falling in love, and causing a love triangle between Littlefoot, Cera and Ali. But Littlefoot and Ali sometimes fall in love, and end having kids by the end of the fanfiction, (if they are adults). Some people believe they look cute together, but don't like each other enough to be in love romantically.

List of fanfictions that feature their relationship

This section or article needs to be expanded, as it dosen't include all information
  • Bambo, a fanfiction where Littlefoot and Cera have a child, and they name him Bambo.
  • Great Valley High, a fanfiction where Littlefoot and Cera are boy and girlfriend, and Ali is jealous.
  • The Great War, a fanfiction where Littlefoot and Cera fall in love during a war, and Ali is again jealous.
  • Out of the Shadows, a fanfiction where Littlefoot, Ali and Cera are in a love triange, until Cera's death, and the war begins.
  • The Time of the Great Growing, a fanfiction where Littlefoot and Cera fall in love as do Ducky and Petrie.

<>, a fanfiction where Littlefoot and Cera fall in love while Ali falls in love with Shorty

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