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Information in this article is non-canon


Curious more about his species, Littlefoot learns about the apatosaurus in which he meets Apollo Apatosaurus (in which Apollo act adventureous like littlefoot's dad.)


Littlefoot: Granpa! Granma!

Grandpa Longneck : Littlefoot whats the matter?

LittleFoot:We are going to the dinosaur train! [Enters The Portal]

Mr.Conductor: Hello Littlefoot! and What brings you today?

LittleFoot: I bring my grandparents to the dinosaur train.

Mr.Conductor: Well come with me to troodon town can you tell your grandparents to stay first on pteranodon terrance?

LittleFoot: Okay! Granpa Granma could you stay here on pteranodon terrance to look around the place.

Grandpa Longneck: Well that's a good Idea!

Buddy: Come on LittleFoot!

LittleFoot: Bye Granpa! bye Granma!

[Both] Bye LittleFoot!

LittleFoot: Where are we going?

Buddy; We  Are going to troodon town to get the flat train cart.

LittleFoot: Whats a flat cart?

Mr.Conductor: its a train cart that carries a saurapod dinosaur on it.

Mr.Conductor: Here we are! on troodon town Station! on the cretaceous time period!

[Laura Pushing the train]

[Other Dinosaurs cheering]

LittleFoot: Where are we going with my grandparents?

Mr.Conductor: you will see...

[Dinosaur Train arrives to pteranodon terrance]

LittleFoot: Granpa! Granma!

[Both] LittleFoot!

LittleFoot: What are we going to Mr.Conductor?

Mr.Conductor:We are going to Apollo Apatosaurus.

LittleFoot: Who's Apollo?

Mr.Conductor: He's a Apatosaurus like you littlefoot.

?????: Did someone say my name?

Buddy: Apollo!

LittleFoot: Hello Apollo!

Apollo: Hello! And whats your name?

LittleFoot: My name is littlefoot.

Apollo; is this your grandparents?

LittleFoot: Yes they are.

Grandpa Longneck: Well we will meet you again.

[Grandpa and Grandma Longneck] Bye!

LittleFoot; Bye!

[Enters The Portal]

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