Information in this article is non-canon

Littlefoot was niddling some grasses.

Train comes.

Littlefoot:The dinosaur train.

And the orange longnecks look liked Shorty .

Conductor:Hello littlefoot the apatosaurus .

Littlefoot:Hello Mr.conductor.

I see some shorty-like longnecks that were orange.

Conductor:You mean the Brachiosaurus .

Go look at Ned. He's bigger than you.

Littlefoot:Hey Ned the Brachiosaurus.

Ned:You are an Apatosaurus right?

I see one at the Dinosaur ABC.

Littlefoot:A for Apatosaurus and B for Brachiosaurus the song means?


Littlefoot:Are there's a bigger dinosaur?

Ned:You mean the Argentinosaurus .

Littlefoot:Is an Argentinosaurus a longneck?

Ned:It had a long neck correct.

Littlefoot:I'm Littlefoot the longneck.

Ned:Go meet Arnie.

He lived in the Cretaceous time period.

Train stops

Littlefoot:Hey Arnie.

Arnie:How did you know my name.

Littlefoot:Ned tells me about the Argentinosaurus.

Arnie:Hey that's my species that I was.

Arnie:I have a long neck.

Longer than yours and Ned's

Littlefoot:If I growed up I will be the biggest longneck of the world.

Arnie:Me to.

Whistle blows

Littlefoot:Bye Arnie.



  • This is Arnie and Ned's first appearance of the Littlefoot and the Dinosaur Train.
  • Scott talks about sauropods.

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