Information in this article is non-canon


LittleFoot brings Sparky to Buddy T-rex to meet each other.


LittleFoot: Sparky you are going to love my new friend

[Enters the Portal]

Sparky: Well what kind of dinosaur is your new friend?...

LittleFoot: Well... He's a T-rex he is name is buddy

Sparky: is he nice?...

LittleFoot: Yes! he saids that he Travel different Time Periods!

Sparky: WOW! he dose?

LittleFoot: Yes he dose

Buddy: Hello LittleFoot! whats your new friend?

LittleFoot: he's name is Sparky he's from his gang called: Prehistoric Pals of the Unite Herds

Buddy: Well Hi! My Name is buddy my family is Pteranodons my dad my mom my sisters tiny and Shiny and my Brother Don

Sparky: its good to see you buddy!

Buddy: you have three horns your are a Triceratops just like my friend Tank Triceratops

LittleFoot: Good Bye! Buddy!

Sparky: Bye Buddy!

[Gose Back to the Great Vally]

Sparky: I Have lots of fun!


  • This Fanfic Title Saying Dinosaur Train 4 but its haves other title besides it 

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