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Information in this article is non-canon


Cera invites her family to go to the dinosaur train to meet the triceratops family.



Cera: Dad! Mom! Tricia!

Topsy: What Cera Whats Wrong?

Tria: Huh?

Tricia: goo cere?

Topsy: Go? go where!?

Cera: We Are Going to...THE DINOSAUR TRAIN!

Topsy and Tria in unison: What!!

Cera: Were invited! to the triceratops Family!!!!!!

Topsy: Uh what, Triceratops!?

Cera: Yes daddy!

Topsy: You mean threehorns, is that the real saying of threehorns?

Cera: Yea that's the real saying Threehorns Triceratops!

Tria:oh Cera whats is it

Cera: we are going to a triceratops family [Entering The Blue Portal]

Cera: Come On! lets go!

Topsy:this place looks good!

Tria: oh the place looks beautiful...

?????:Hello There! Cera: Hello But whats your name

?????: My name is trudy triceratops this is tank triceratops and this is baby tuck triceratops

Topsy: Hello my name is Topsy This is my wife tria my daughters cera and tricia.

Tank:Hi Cera Hi Tricia. Cera:Hi tank

Tricia: gooby aboo tucky Tuck:...tricia? Trudy: oh my! he just talk!

Tank:He Talk! Trudy: We Where About To Have Lunch Do You Want to join us... [Cera And Tricia]WE WANT TO!!!!!!


Cera: What do you play tank?


Cera: how do you play?

Tank:Well We Have To Hit this fruit and we go to the goal and we win!

Cera:that's seems Fun! [Everybody saying goodbye and going to the portal and returning back to the great vally]


  • Hence The Name Called: Littlefoot And The Dinosaur Train But littlefoot is not on this fanfic this focus on Cera and her famliy

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