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Guido looking at the microraptor picture.


One Day LittleFoot tells his friends about meeting Buddy and brings Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Ruby, Chomper Ali, and Guido to the Blue Portal to meet Buddy T-rex and his Family to have a picnic on the Big Pond.


[Entering The Portal]

Ail: Where Are We Going LittleFoot?...

Littlefoot: You'll See Its A Surprise.

Chomper: *laughs* I Love Surprises!!!.

Cera: Yeah it better be a big surprise.

Littlefoot: NOW! We Here!.

Ducky: Wow wh...what is it?

Ducky: Ruby do you know what it is?

Ruby: I never seen, what I've never seen before?

Guido: Well it sure has beautiful colors, I don't mean that coming from my coming from my mouth.

Littlefoot: Well come on guys, lets go.

Petrie: GO!?

Cera: Go where!? These swirling colors are just sky color stones, you can't pass through it!

Littlefoot: Yes we can this leads right towards a whole new world!

Chomper: A world beyond the Great Valley?

Littlefoot: Yep...

Ali: Even beyond the Mysterious Beyond!?

Littlefoot: Yep!

Cera: Hmph, I bet!

Littlefoot: Now come on and lets go!

Petrie: urk...Oh no me not going through there! What if there creature meaner than a big Sharptooth.

Cera: Well we won't know if we don't go through it...will we?

Petrie: Um...

Ducky: Petrie don't you worry everything will be all right it will, it will.

Buddy: Hello LittleFoot! Its So Nice To See You Again!.

Pterie: AHHHH!!!!!!!! A SHHHH...SHARPTOOTH!!!!!!

[Everyone panics except for Chomper]

LittleFoot: Guys stop come back! He's not mean.

[The gang comeout from hiding cautiously]

All: Oh...

Cera: Hah! Yeah right once we turn our backs he'll probably eat us.

Chomper: Don't worry guys, Littlefoot is telling the truth.

[Petrie nervously shows head out from hiding over Spike)

Petrie: How you so sure about that?

[Chomper paused for a moment and then answered the panicked flyer's question]

Chomper: He hasn't eaten us yet?

Petrie: *gulp* Oh uh r-right...

Littlefoot: Guys I'd like you to meet Buddy, he's comes from this world.

Buddy: It's nice to meet you all!

Guido: Oh... so You're A Friendly Sharptooth...

LittleFoot: Buddy these are my friends this Is Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Ali, Guido, Chomper And Ruby.

Buddy: It's nice to see some new faces, speaking of which I'd like you to meet my brother and sisters!

Petrie: *gulp* muh...muh...More Sharpteeth!? Oh me just hope their just as friendly.

Buddy: Don't worry Petrie I think you're gonna love my siblings.

?????: Buddy where are you?

Buddy: I'm over here Tiny!

Tiny: There you are!

?????: Yeah! We were just about to play a game of Hide in Seek *gasp*

Tiny: Buddy...who are they?

Buddy: Guys this Is Shiney, Tiny and Don.

[Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Ali, Guido, Chomper And Ruby In Unison] HI!

[Shiney Tiny And Don In Unison] HI!!!!!!!!! TOO YOU TOO!

Petrie: Buddy's family...are Flyers!

Buddy: See I told you'd like'em.

Chomper: Wow it's nice to meet another Sharptooth at my own age for a change!

Buddy: Really, how come?

Chomper: Well where we all come from all the Sharpteeth are mean and vicious and don't take kindly to others...that includes other sharpteeth.

Petrie: So what you guys do around here?

Don: Well we play lots of fun games like "Dino Ball".

[Both Guido and Petrie] That's sounds fun!

Ducky: It's nice to meet new friendly faces especially yours Tiny.

Tiny: It's nice to meet you too, you have nice friends back there.

Cera: Yeah and your family is nice too even if your brother is a Sharptooth.

Tiny: A Sharptooth? Oh that's right Buddy told us about that where you guys come from you call dinosaurs by their appearances and features.

[Ducky stares in confusion]

Ali: We Have The Same Attitude [Ali Tells Shiney]

Shiney: Well... We... Do... I Think...

Mrs.Pteranadon: ACCK Time To Go Kids!

Buddy: Come on guys, Lets Go off to see the Dinosaur Train!

[Littlefoot's friends look at each other confused]

All: Dinosaur Train!!?

Buddy: Yeah it is this very neat train where all the dinosaurs from different time periods on to visit different time periods or continents.

Don: Yeah we've been on it as many times than the stuff in my collection back at home. Well at least I think...

[Prehistoric Pals are amazed at what they are told and seem excited to see this Dinosaur Train, much to Cera's dismay]

Cera: A train? Is that some kind of new dinosaur we've never heard before?

Shiny: No it is this big long machine that several carts for one of each dinosaur to ride.

Cera: Hmph, I don't know what a machine or even a train is nor have I seen one, but dinosaurs riding on it going back in times long ago? Heh, that sounds pretty hard to believe.

[As Cera scoffs in disbelief on such a contraption, this encourages the gang to trust, Buddy's story and see what this train is all about, Ducky is the first one to confess]

Ducky: Well...I would like to this Dinosaur Train oh yes, yes, yes!

Chomper: Yeah and me too, if there is place all dinosaurs even carnivores like me can get along at I'll surely check out!

Ruby: It sure would seem like, another good adventure I like to be apart of.

Littlefoot: Yeah and it sounds like a lot fun, right Petrie?

Petrie: Hmm? suppose...uhh what do you think Guido?

Guido: Well it does like a hoot, but I just hope it doesn't hurt.

Mrs. Pteranodon: Relax, Guido the dinosaur train is perfectly safe and everyone behaves at their top best, you'll love it.

[These words of wisdom make Guido feel safe in comfort; knowing that what Mrs. Pteranodon was saying is of the truth]

Tiny: Cera, what about you won't you join us?

[Cera looks with a stern face to see everyone elses faces, almost as if she could read sadness written on them. She couldn't resist the guilt and finally a face of anger turns into a face of happiness)

Cera: Oh...alright

[Everybody cheers in delight]

Mrs. Pteranodon: Wonderful, now everyone is ready to come along on the Dinosaur Train!

Buddy: Yeah and don't worry guys, everyone is welcome on the train what matter species or even what world you come from.

Don: Yeah and any friend of our is welcome to on the Dinosaur Train anytime!

Mrs. Pteranodon: Yes, but we better hurry the train will pulling in any minute.

[So this oddly shaped herd of dinosaurs disband to the Dinosaur Train and soon come across the station just in time to see the train at its best]

[Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Ali, Chomper, Ruby and Guido seeing the Dinosaur Train]

Littlefoot and friends: WOW!!!!!!.

Mrs.Pteranadon: Well... Here We Are Kids! The Dinosaur Train.

Ali: Oooo...

Ruby: Ahh...

Mrs. Pteranodon: Well what to do you kids think?

Littlefoot: It's amazing!

Mrs. Pteranodon: Oh then you kids are gonna love what happens once we get on.

Petrie: AH!

Tiny: Whats wrong Petrie?

[Petrie shaking nervously points up to the train and sees a green dinosaur, Giganotosaurus a theropod dinosaur so gigantic it topples over T-Rex in size, but in the world of Land Before Time it well-known as a Sharptooth]

Petrie: U-u-u-u-u-p-ppp Th-Th-Th-There, there is a Sharptooth on the train!

Tiny: Oh her? That is Laura Giganotosaurus she...don't worry she is very nice and wouldn't harm anyone on the train and has many friends who are herbivores.

[Littlefoot is shocked in amazement]

Littlefoot: Really?

Buddy: Yeah! All the dinosaurs on the Dinosaur Train are very friendly with one another and don't cause anyone much trouble.

[Cera is put into disbelief once again, skeptical about this]

Cera: Hmph, yeah I'm so sure of that!

[Littlefoot then bumps Cera in the arm to single when to know her place]

Littlefoot: Cera!

Cera: What?

Chomper: This is pretty cool, a place where Sharpteeth and Leafeaters can be friends with one another.

[Buddy soon investigates Chomper and looking curiosity]

Chomper: Uh, Buddy...what are you doing?

Buddy: I couldn't help about look at you're features and you look somewhat like a T-Rex, but I'm not too sure of it. Do you think I could take one more look?

[Though oddly confused, Chomper allows Buddy to examine him once more time]

Chomper: By all means!

[Buddy takes one more look at Chomper's features and has come to a conclusion]

Buddy: Let me see Chomper well he's A T-Rex all right, but why does Chomper Has Three Fingers?.

Littlefoot: Well when He's A Baby He had two fingers, but when he grew to a little older he grew Spikes and a third finger.

Buddy: Oh... I see spikes On his back too.

Mr. Conductor: ALLL ABORD!!!!

Buddy: Well We Are Going...[LittleFoot Gives Him A Little Tap On His Back]

LittleFoot: Buddy! [LittleFoot Whispers To Buddy] You Forgetting That it is Suppose To Be A Surprise...

Mr. Conductor: Hello Pteranadon Famliy!

[Buddy, Shiney, Tiny And Don In Unison] HELLO MR.CONDUCTOR!

Mrs.Pteranadon: Hello

Mr.Conductor: Well Buddy who might be your new friends?.

Buddy: Oh This is Littlefoot

Littlefoot: Hello sir.

Buddy: And his friends Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Ali, Ruby, Chomper and Guido .

Mr.Conductor: Well hello to you All!.

Mr. Conductor: I reckon from your distinct features and what not that you and you're lady friend there are Apatosaurus I'm a right?

Littlefoot: Uh, yeah, but how did you know?

Buddy: Mr. Conductor knows about all kinds of dinosaurs. He's seen every last species that's come aboard on the dinosaur train.

Littlefoot: Really? gee...ur well if you seen all the species of dinosaurs on this train do you know what my friends and their kind are?

Mr. Conductor: know that's a pretty good question they're Littlefoot. Now let me think.

Mr. Conductor: Looking at you're two little friends there they are a Saurolophus and a Pteranodon and your others friends are an Oviraptor, Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and a Microraptor I assume.

[Littlefoot's friends are left confused]

Littlefoot's friends: HUH!?

Cera: What did he just call us?

Ruby: I've heard never a dinosaur with names that I've never heard before?

[The whole train laughs]

Petrie: What so funny?

Mr. Conductor: *laughs* Well Petrie in our world we call all prehistoric creatures by their scientific names.

Petrie: Scien-tif-ic? What that?

Mr. Conductor: I'm glad you asked that. Its the study based on science or knowledge; Scientific names are proper terms in naming a species, its pretty much like you're own personal name. For example you're a Pteranodon while your friend Ducky there is a Saurolophus.

Petrie: Oh me think I get!

Guido: Uh Mr. Conductor sir what kind of dinosaur am I? Because I just want to know since I don't have my own kind and all, not like there isn't any dinosaur that looks like me out their or nothing, but I want to know and well...

Mr. Conductor: Well Guido from the looks of it you resemble quite a bit of a Microraptor.

Littlefoot & friends: A Microraptor!?

Mr. Conductor: Yep, it is a matter of fact that one was just on the Dinosaur Train just yesterday.

Guido: Well what do they look like anyway?

Mr. Conductor: Well they a look little something like this...

[The Conductor turns on the projector which shows a Microraptor]

Littlefoot & friends: *gasp* Ooooo

Petrie: Ooooo....pretty

Littlefoot: It kinda reminds me of our friend Avie.

Ducky: Hmmm *gasp* Guido, this must your kind yep,yep,yep!

Guido: What!? Oh no that's couldn't be my kind I mean they don't even have the same colors as me and we don't look a like.

Ducky: They have to be, look at their bodies and tails they lookeded similar to yours.

Cera: Ducky is right look at they're mouths they almost look like a beak just like yours.

Guido: Well yeah they do kinda.

Ali: Yeah and they have those fluffy looking things on they're arms and tail just like you do.

Tiny: Plus they eat insects just like you.

[Littlefoot and gang turn towards Tiny]

Littlefoot & friends: They do!?

Buddy: Yeah! Microraptors usually eat insects all the time.

Ducky: Well that explains why he couldn't eated any of the food we ate.

Guido: Yeah, Yeah your right!!!

Don: Then that settles it you're definitely a Microraptor!

All: YEAH, Wahoo!!!

[A mesmorized Guido looks at the Microraptor on the projector]

Guido: I finally found my own kind...

[Dinosaur Trains Honks]

Guido: AHHHHH! What was that?

Shiney: Oh that's just the train, it does that from time to time.

Mr. Conductor: So where are you off to...

Buddy: We Are Going To A Special Place on Time.

[Buddy Points To Mr.Conductor's Clock]

Mr.Conductor: Speaking Of time TIME TUNNLE!!! TIME TUNNLE!!!!! HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS AND TALES!!! [guido holds his tale and the dinosaur train enters the time tunnle]


Ali: Ooooo...

[Ruby, Ducky, Petrie, Chomper And Guido in unison] Ahh...Oooo...

Cera: Woooooww!!!

Mr.Conductor: Here We Are! Big Pond Station.

LittleFoot: Here We Are The Surprise Place!

Cera: I've never seen something this beautiful since the day of the tree sweets!

Ruby: Water!

Chomper: What Would We Eat?

Ms.Pteranadon: We Eat Fish! [Ms.Pteranadon gives chomper, petrie, buddy, shiney, tiny and don fishes]

LittleFoot: Me, Ali, Cera, Spike, Ducky, and Ruby. We don't eat meat we eat plants Ruby eats berries, but she also loves eating shells.

Buddy: That's right, I learned that Oviraptors ate things such as shells and plants. It makes perfect sense!

[Ms.Pteranadon gives Guido worms and Ruby berries and shells]

Mr.Pteranadon: Well LittleFoot And Ali Heres your plants [littlfoot and ali eating the plants]

LittleFoot: Well Bye! All! [Others saying goodbye Everybody Goes to the portal and returning to the great valley]


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