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One Sunny Day on the Great Vally. LittleFoot was eating a Tree Star, but one day he was seeing a Blue Thing. He fell into the Portal and he went to the Dinosaur Train Universe and meet Buddy T-Rex. LittleFoot was shocked that there were another T-rex who was nice. LittleFoot ask Buddy about his family and also he asks littlefoot info about his family and friends.


LittleFoot: Huh? What Is this                                  

LittleFoot: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!... (One Day He Was On Ptranodon Terrance)

Littlefoot: *groans*

?????: Hey, are you alright!?

Littlefoot: Huh?

?????: You sure took a fall back there!

Littlefoot: *gasp*

?????: Hello My Name is Buddy

Littlefoot: AAHHHHHHH SHARPTOOTH!!!!!!!!!!

[Littlefoot runs and hides beneath the brush, leaving Buddy confused]

Buddy: Huh, a Sharptooth, why did you call me that?

Littlefoot: Well that's what you are, you have those sharpteeth to prove it!

Buddy: Oh! well I'm actually a T-Rex not a sharptooth.

[Littlefoot walks out of the bushes in a sense of curiosity, but is still cautious]

Littlefoot: Ww...Well... Are... You... Mean?

Buddy: Nope I'm not a mean T-rex.

Littlefoot: Oh that's good for a moment I thought you were gonna eat me.

Buddy: No I wouldn't eat a new friendly face... besides I love meeting new dinosaurs! Especially an Apatosaurus like yourself.

Littlefoot: Umm what's an Apatosaurus?

Buddy: Why that's what you are!

Littlefoot: *laughs* Sorry where I come from we usually call my kind Longnecks, we don't say the name you just said.

Buddy: Oh... I guess that's why you called me a sharptooth right?

Littlefoot: Yeah...

Littlefoot: Hey Buddy do you have Famliy?

Buddy: Yeah I do they're around somewhere.

Littlefoot: Are they Sharpteeth like yourself, cause your the only sharptooth I've seen so far.

Buddy: Nah! I was adopted by Ptranadons.

LittleFoot: Pteranodons!? What are...

(Pterosaur screeching)

Littlefoot: Oh you were adopted by Flyers!!

Buddy: Yeah they're really nice to be around, if later I'll introduce you.

Littlefoot: That would be great. I have friend whose a Flyer too.

Buddy: Your friend is a Pteranodon just like my family!?

Littlefoot: Yeah!

Buddy: Do you have lots of Friends?

LittleFoot: Oh I Have A Lot Of Friends

Ali, my brother Shorty, my friends Cera, Tricia, Spike, Ducky, Petrie, Guido, Chomper and Ruby.

Buddy: Wow you have a whole bunch of friends!

Littlefoot: Yeah on our adventures we made new friends along the way like Loofah, Doofah And Foobie Mo, Tickles and a family of Tinysaurs that's All.

Buddy: Wow! Me I'm All Friends with dinosaurs from different time periods.

LittleFoot: WOW! That's A Lot Of DINOSAUR FRIENDS!.

Buddy: I Have My Famliy, My Dad My Mom And My Sisters Shiney Tiny And My Brother Don.

LittleFoot: I Have My Famliy Too! My Mom, My Dad and My Grandpa And Grandma and I already told you about Shorty.

Buddy: Sounds like you have a nice family just like mines.

Littlefoot: Yeah!

Buddy: What is your neighborhood, Littlefoot; and what are your neighbors like?

Littlefoot: Well if you're asking where I live my home is the Great Valley and many of the neighbors are friendly, but sometimes they can be a bit cranky there is Cera's dad Mr. Threehorn and her new mom Tria, but you wouldn't wanna meet him.

Buddy: Why Not?

Littlefoot : Well Mr. Threehorn means well, but he is mean to everybody let alone Sharpteeth, err...T.Rexes like yourself.

Buddy: Oh wow, he's really that mean huh?

Littlefoot: Yeah sorry about that...

Buddy: It's okay, I mean pretty sure he's a nice guy once you get to know him.

Buddy: Oh Well Bye Littlefoot I Will Show You Next Time Showing The Dinosaur Train

[LittleFoot Entering The Portal]

Littlefoot: Well Good Bye! [Goes Back To The Great Vally]


  • Little​​Foot UnderStands The Language Of Buddy Saying T-rex And Others
  • This Is The First Time LittleFoot Said T-Rex And Apatosaurus

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