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This is a villain song for Land Before Time XX: The Heart Whispers.  It is a sort of antithesis to If We Hold On Together. It shows the villan, Deino's, plot to fracture the  Combined Herds and get them to segregate so he can take over the food supply.  

Deino: Oh if there's one thing that causes me to take pride.

It's whereever I happen to preside

My exceptional ability cannot be denied,

my power to divde, divide, divide!

Ela:     He creates chaos and misery on every side.

The  Fanged Flattooth's power to divide, divide, divide!

Odul:   If somebody said that he wasn't an expert then somebody lied!

Behold his power to divide, devide, divide!

Deino: (Approaching Three-horns ) I privately would like to confide,

                      that it seems that Longnecks like Littlefoot are the reason the Old One died!

   (Heads away from the others)

       I love it when my villainy is applied!

      It's time to divide, divide, divide!

Finley: Prod, poke, and deride!

But most of all, divide, divide, divide!

Deino: (Approaching Longnecks) I admit, the foolishness of Threehorns has led me to have cried.

                                                 I'm so glad that you're so wise because their ignorance has me mortified.

(Leaves them)

Divide, divide, divide!

Liz: Oh this is going to be such a fun ride.

Divide, divide, divide!

(Deino approaches Flyers )

Deino: I don't mean to chide

but it seems that the Swimmers were too niave to think a Sharptooth attack would ever betide.

(Leaves them)

I shall continue to divide, divide, divide!

(Approaches Swimmers)

I think that the Flyers are cowards and when the Sharpteeth show up they just run and hide

I know that at least in your case that you would have tried.

(Leaves them)

Divide, divide, divide!

(Coming across Tippy's herd)

Trust me, I can guide.

Follow me and all your needs will be supplied.

(The Spiketails cheer him.)

(Leaves them)

Divide, divide, divide!

(Addressing the Combined Herd) 

My brillaint leadership is something that can be relied.

Follow me and I'll provide.

(Leaves them)

Oh, I'm truly a Sharptooth inside!


Odul: Divide!

Ela: Divide!  

Finley: Divide!

Liz: Divide!

Deino, Odul, Ela, Finley, and Liz: Divide, divide, divide

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