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Information in this article is non-canon

We could work together like they do in the Great Valley. We can all work together to make the decisions. Together, we can make a great team. Apart, it will be a hard life as outcasts. We hunt together. We defend each other. Then we can become stronger than the other Sharpteeth.
— Chomper

In the 24th movie, The Incredible Journey, after Chomper, his girlfriend Andromeda, Ptero, Lorenzo, Farrell, Thorn, Velo, Edna, and Darrien were driven from the Great Valley after being framed for the death of the Old One and later driven from the Valley of Sharpteeth after Red Claw's takeover, they learned that there were Sharpbeaks in Ptero's pack that had defected to Red Claw and that Screech and Thud and the Reguluas (the Fast Biter leader from the 3rd film) had gone to Hunter Valley, thus it wouldn't be safe for any of them to go to any of these places.  After having a brief chat with Chomper's parents, they head toward the Land of Mists, having heard earlier from Phil that he had lost a nephew Ichy whom he believed dead and killed by Flyers.  However, Ptero had been able to deduce that Ichy had actually been raised by the Flyers but that something had happened, causing him to go from Friendly Sharptooth to mean one.  Chomper wanted to know how Ichy had coped with this change, facing the very real possibility of livng a life as a regular Sharptooth after so many years of being a Friendly Sharptooth.

Along the way to the Land of Mists, they meet Yuty, a female Yutyrannus down on her luck, who agrees to join them.  Once near the Land of Mists, they find that most of the entrances have been blocked.  They go into the caves, but find that they have been turned into a sort of labyrinth.  They are in despair and thinking of going back when they encounter Ichy and Dil.  

Though Ichy and Dil are afraid of them, especially Chomper, whom they had a fight with years ago, they eventually become more open and tell the others how the two of them had been raised by Leaf Eaters (in Ichy's case, Flyers, in Dil's case, Swimmers) and eventually been betrayed, the Leaf Eaters having tried to kill them.  After defending them, and having met during the attack of the two groups, they worked together and defeated their enemies.  Having eaten some of the dead, they got a craving for Leaf Eaters and started hunting them.  The two had convinced themselves that Flatteeth were animals, hence enabling them to dehumanize their prey and hunt them even though they both understand Leaf Eater.

After about a day, Guido, who had finally gotten his memory back in the 23rd movie and recalled his past, came with his long-lost girlfriend Glimeel and ended up in the Land of Mists by mistake.  Guido had been banished from the Great Valley when Deino took over, as all meat eaters, minus omnivores, were banished on the spot.  After realizing that Guido and his girlfriend couldn't betray them to the Great Valley, the group let Guido and his girlfriend live and also join them.

Having realized that they could together, they form the first Combined Pack, based on the Combined Herd of the Great Valley, only with Sharpteeth (and Guido and his girlfriend too, who do eat meat.) 

Eventually, the group decides to go hunting and they easily snag a bunch of duckbills.  Right as Chomper is about to kill one of the duckbills, the duckbill mentions that the Land of Mists have been taken over by Fanged Flatteeth and that the place is under a tyranny sort of like North Korea where nobody is allowed in or out.  Chomper changes his mind about killing the Leaf Eaters and the group decides to fight the Fanged Flatteeth.

(To Be Continued)

Member Types:


Bigmouth Belly Dragger

Fast Biter

Sharp Beak

Yutyrannus type



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