Information in this article is non-canon

I will bring in a new order. The Sharpteeth have ruled the world long enough. Now it is time we, the Bothteeth, took our rightful place as its masters.

— Fanged Flattooth to Arianna

Bothtooth New World Order is a spoof on the United Nations and globalism.  

The Fanged Flatteeth had long planned to rule the world, having indeed asked for Sharptooth and Egg Stealer abilites long ago, or so the old legend went, to become better than just Leaf Eaters.  They long hid in inhospitable places, growing in number and malice.

Around the time of the Great Earthshake, they were greatly on the rise in the eastern half of the dinosaur world, taking over after the flight of the herviores, who moved toward the Great Valley in the west.

The most prominent of this group was Deino, called Fanged Flattooth.  His parents had tried to massacre a pack of Sharpteeth to seize control of a small region, a move that worked, though it cost them their lives.  Determined not to let their vision of a Bothtooth New World Order die with them, Deino continued on their scheme.

A few days before the Great Earthshake, he had partnered with a Sharptooth named Dark Claw, though he was just known as "Sharptooth" to the Leaf Eaters who feared him in the region.  

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