Information in this article is non-canon

Bothtooth is the unofficial Land Before Time term for omnivore.  According to the creation of the four kinds, Bothteeth were the most sinister of the Leaf Eaters, who were power hungry.  However, some were content only to eat some kinds of meat, while the darker sort wanted to be able to hunt their fellow Leaf Eaters, so consumed were they with the lust for power.

Good Bothteeth

These are the kinds that 

Ruby's Offcial TLBT Website Art


 struggled with ambition but overcame it.  They only eat fish and things like that.  

                                      Bad Bothteeth

These are the kinds that wanted to hunt their fellow dinosaurs and hence have both Leaf Eater and Sharptooth abilites.  They are cruel and wicked, indeed beyond that of all Sharpteeth.  Some, like Gallim, the most infamous of them, were even wickeder than Red Claw and Sharptooth.




Domeheads (Mysterious Beyond)


Two Domeheads, Great Valley

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