Nevermind, I think we should only have templates like this for the non-canon stuff, not the canon stuff.  I'll change this into something else later.

This section of the Land Before Time Wiki is for species from the canon franchise.

Important: Please Read

The following rules must be followed in order to post pages this section:

This is for canon species only, not for ones that aren't in the franchise but that appear in your fanfics.

5) Don't forget categories and images! All canon species pages should be in Category:CanonSpecies, regardless of content. In addition, add any other categories that may apply.

Also, please try to use correct Wiki formatting. If you need help on that, feel free to contact an admin, or just see how it's done on other pages. If you get stuck, it may be easiest to copy another species page completely and simply substitute the relevant parts.

To start your first species page, type the character name at the end of the code in this box and click "Create":

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