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Information in this article is non-canon

Ichy was a Friendly Sharptooth for many years before his Flyer friends betrayed him.  After their betrayal, he reamined a bad Sharptooth, working with Dil, for many years.  He eventually got redemption and returned to being a Friendly Sharptooth.  (Will add more later)  

Gender: Male
Species: Ichythornis
Diet: Fish in childhood

Leaf Eaters for many years in adulthood

Fish, Mammals, and Fanged Flatteeth after redemption
Alignment: Hero (child)

Villain: Adulthood, movie IV, and TV Series
Antihero: Movie 24 and part of 25

Hero: Thereafter
Affiliation: Flyers (formerly)

Dil (involuntarily for many years)
Combined Pack

Great Valley

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