Information in this article is non-canon

This is the third song in The Land Before Time XV: The Friendly Sharptooth Flyer.

First Time

Petrie:  Sometimes you no know what to do.

You know that you just want to be you.

To yourself you want to be true.

Ptero: I just want to be me.

What that is I don’t quite know exactly.

I wish Mother could see.

I wish she’d stop trying to control my destiny.

Petrie:  When all you do is not enough.

When they make your life rough.

You realize that in end.

You are you own greatest friend.

Ptero:  Oh wonderful horizons could spread out in front of me.

If only myself I were allowed to be.

I just want to be happy.

I just want to be free.

Petrie:  Every expectation set before you feel like a pain.

All they expect of you is like big heavy chain.

Ptero:  I just want to be me.

I just want to be free.

Petrie and Ptero Together:  You just need to be you.



Ptero: I finally get to be me.

I finally get to be in charge of my destiny.

Wonderful horizons have spread out in front of me.

Myself I am finally allowed to be.

I can be happy and I can be free.

Petrie:  It so wonderful that being you is enough.

You no longer have life that rough.

Petrie and Ptero:  It’s so great to yourself be true.

It’s so great to live your life as you.

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