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"Kids Like Us" is the third song from The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving.



They have feelings just like we do
They have problems too
We think because they're big they don't
But they do
They're louder and they're stronger
and they make a bigger fuss
But way down deep inside I think
They're kids like us

They have parents just like ours who tell them what to do
They have feet and tails and horns, and scales and noses too
And when the earth is shaking
they run and hide because
even if they think they're tough
They're still kids like us
It's just too dangerous, Littlefoot
Yes, it is.
And they're too mean
Very, very mean!


Maybe when you're bigger
You think you should pretend
you're not afraid of scary things
that you don't need a friend
But they're just kids in trouble
They need someone to trust
If we can bring them home
show them they're not alone
that they're just kids

Kids like us

Littlefoot; Kids Like Us

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