Jean Morel is one of the animators who worked on the original Land Before Time movie. She animated Characters including "Littlefoot" and "Sharptooth". Directing animator Lorna Cook has been directing her to draw "Littlefoot".


  • During Disney, Jean Morel has been an animator for Scar in the Lion King, John Smith in Pocahontas, Guards, Gypsies and Others in Hunchback of Notre Dame, Adult Hercules in Hercules, and Tantor in Tarzan.
  • Through the Don Bluth years, he was an character clean-up artist for "Fievel" in An American Tail, a character animator for "Charlie", "Itchy" and "Carface" in All Dogs go to Heaven, a directing animator for "The Grand Duke" in Rock-A-Doodle, "Mozo" a dog in Tumbelina, and "Queen Gnorga" in A Troll in Central Park, and an additional character animator for "The Leapard Seal" in Pebble and the Penguin.

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