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The song in the episode, "The Amazing Threehorn Girl" is the second and only song in this episode, sung by the adults after the first was "The Amazing Threehorn Girl" because Cera lied about the story which came before that song near the end was all lies until the truth came from Cera that in the beginning of the episode, she incidentally set off a rock slide to frighten the Bellydraggers away while her friends (Littlefoot, Petrie, Ruby, Ducky, Spike and Chomper) go back to the Great Valley, calling for help.

The most funniest part of this song was that a Lambeosaurus sang the second part of her verse in the fourth part of it was that Cera "was a fraud" for lying in her story of the Bellydraggers and everyone protested that Cera isn't "The Amazing Threehorn Girl" and left which Topsy, the father of Cera said that he was disappointed including her friends and suddenly left, angry and horrified.



Is it true she lied?


She's not a hero


It's a shame

to think we called her amazing


when she's really nothing more than a fraud


she kept us fooled

by telling her story


never once told anyone

it was made up


until danger arrived

once again


but what should we do

now that we all know

the three horn girl

can not save our valley anymore


send her away


don't let her stay

Corythosaurus & Maiasaura

that threehorn girl


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