The Hidden Canyon

This article is for the place. If you were looking for the episode, see The Hidden Canyon (episode).

The Hidden Canyon is sort of another opening to the Great Valley from the Mysterious Beyond. It has tree sweets that have a smell that sharpteeth don't like.


The Hidden Canyon is a place than connects the Great Valley with the Mysterious Beyond. It is full of trees with yellow fruit that Sharpteeth hate. It also has a river that flows through it.

The Hidden Canyon appears in the tenth episode of the same name when a pine cone is dropped outside the entrance, the kids decided to go in and find all the tree sweets to eat but not for the adults until their tummies are full. Also at the end, just after a battle at the Hidden Canyon which the kids (with Grandpa Longneck and Topsy) won against Red Claw and his two Fast Biters, decided to close off the entrance with a big rock blocking it by Topsy and Grandpa Longneck.


The Hidden Canyon is the tenth episode after the ninth one, Escape from the Mysterious Beyond and before the eleventh episode, the Legend of the Story Speaker.