The Gang of Seven is a Land Before Time forum. It is fairly new. It was started in February 2015 by member LittlefootAndAliTogether of the Gang of Five, who felt disillusioned with the Gang of Five and some of its policies and members. Later, LittlefootAndAliTogether was joined by ex-GOF member Path Light. It was designed similar in Layout to the Gang of Five, though it has new features like Land Before Time Bingo, live message chat, and character fan clubs.  The Gang of Seven is a spinoff of the Gang of Five, considering Chomper and Ruby to be an official part of the dino gang, hence Gang of Seven instead of Five.  The forum has laxer rules than the GOF and allows users to edit and delete posts (something heavily restricted or forbidden at the Gang of Five.)

In addition to that, Gang of Seven has an easier time uploading images for Caption This section than Gang of Five, which basically limited it to photos from Photobucket or similar places.

Also, this forum allows multiple accounts, unlike the Gang of Five, which strictly enforces the one acount per person rule.  The current admin of the Gang of Seven is Chomper with moderator accounts LittlefootAndAliTogether and Path Light.

The forum is still under development.  It is located here:

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