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The song, "Fix your Tooth" is sung by Petrie, Mr. Thicknose, Littlefoot, Chomper and Ducky in the episode " The Mysterious Tooth Crisis" to fix Chomper's tooth into place but it keeps falling out with anything that Mr. Thicknose sings with any item in it like sticky Tree Star juice, mud and flower dust while Tria is with Spike, Ruby and a boring Cera (which she refuses to go into the mudpool) bathed in the mud at a mudpool during the episode under the Bright Circle.


Mr. Thicknose

Say "Aah" and open wide
and I'll take a look inside
With some sticky tree star juice
that ol' tooth should not come loose
I'll fix your tooth


Oh yes, it the truth


He's gonna fix your tooth

Mr. Thicknose

This I guarantee


Now let us see

Mr. Thicknose

Flower dust might do the trick
Maybe mud that's nice and thick
Ya know what? I'm sorry, son
I can't fix this one


Can't fix my tooth?


Cannot fix his tooth

Mr. Thicknose

Sorry, it's the truth


Too bad, it the truth


He cannot fix your tooth

Other Kids

Poor, poor little tooth

Mr. Thicknose

My apologies
I try to please

All but Chomper

Can't fix your tooth

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