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The Featherhead Sharpteeth[2] (Yutyrannus) are a pair of antagonistic dinosaurs who appear in The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave, being the film's first two antagonists. They live in the Mysterious Beyond, particularly a region known as "The Land of the Featherhead Sharpteeth".



The two dinosaurs sport shades of dull green and olive proto-feathers. They sport cyan crests on their snouts, dull red skin around their eyes, and a layer of teal fuzz forming a mane down their necks and to the tips of their tails, with fluffy "sideburns" sprouting from the sides of their heads.

Unlike most of the Sharpteeth, they appear to sport feathered eyebrows, and highly visible antorbital fenestra (the dark patch between their nose and their eyes).

The eyes of the pair are red, with yellow sclera and no pupils.


JOTB Feathers arent scary apparently

The pale green Featherhead chases the kids into a cave, before it and its subordinate break in

The sharpteeth pair appear during the kids' quest to the Fire Mountain in the first half of the movie. After a chase, the children hatch a plan to lose their interest by coating themselves in foul smelling vegetation, which, though a successful endeavour, nearly ends in failure due to the carelessness of Petrie, though crisis is ultimately avoided when the two theropods decide to chase after a small mammal.

Later, however, the sharpteeth pick up on the kids' scent after they accidentally wash away the stink while playing in a pond. They smell them, and a chase occurs as the kids make a break for it, stopping once the Featherheads reach an incline and the kids run are halted by the edge of a cliff.

JOTB Featherhead tripping

One of the Featherheads is tripped by a vine

The pair scale the steep hill, and the pale green one trips on a vine pulled by the kids and falls down a cliff. The sharptooth recovers from the fall, but can't climb back up. The olive one almost reaches the top, until Cera pushes a bunch of rocks, sending the olive sharptooth back down the hill, who retreats from the scene, defeated. They do not catch back up to the gang or come across Chomper, Ruby, Wild Arms, Grandpa, or Topps.


  • They are the second (after Ichy, an avian Ichthyornis, from The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists) antagonistic feathered dinosaurs to appear in the franchise.
    • Similarly, they are also the largest feathered dinosaurs to appear in the series, superseding even the Yellow Bellies in size.
  • Some fans have proposed that the film's Yutyrannus are actually Monolophosaurus, due to their pronounced crests.[3]
    • However the skull of Yutyrannus also had a nasal crest, and there is little evidence to back up that earlier non-avian dinosaurs such as Monolophosaurus had any plumage.
  • Interestingly, it is one of the few large Sharpteeth in the series that lacks proper lips, along with the Plated Sharptooth, the Sail-Backed Sharptooth, the Sharpteeth from the thirteenth film, and, also from XIV, the Horned Sharptooth.
    • Similarly, to date, the Featherheads, alongside the Horned Sharptooth, are the only Sharpteeth in the franchise to have visible antorbital fenestrae (the depression between the orbit and naris present in archosaurs, the group of which crocodilians and dinosaurs are included).
  • Their defeats are somewhat similiar to the deaths of the Carnotaurus from Disney's Dinosaur, as they are both defeated by falling rocks (the first carnotaur and the second featherhead) and falling off of a tall cliff (the second carnotaur and the first featherhead), respectively.
  • The pair are two males for Littlefoot calls one of them "Big Guy." and the other, Cera says "Let him come."
  • The Yutyrannus in The Land Before Time XIV have four fingers instead of three.
    • Incidentally, the number of fingers, and the presence of an opposable thumb, gives a minor impression of the Indominus rex from Jurassic World, another Universal property featuring dinosaurs. Although the arms of Indominus are larger as a whole, the shape of the hands are oddly similar to those of the Yutyrannus as depicted in this movie.
    • This is not the first time a three-fingered theropod is presented with four fingers in The Land Before Time; one in particular was the Baryonyx from The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends.



  1. Both individuals are referred to as males, by Littlefoot and Cera respectively

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