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These fast biters (also known as Sharpteeth) appear in The Lonely Journey as antagonists of the episode.


While trying to be friends with Sharpteeth the next morning Chomper decides to spend the night in their cave. Realizing that they were really there and did a loud growl that woke him up he said ,"I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone lived here but maybe we could be friends?" they growled in response and he said ,"Right! You speak Sharptooth! Um..." he roared in response but no captions were added to these Fast Biters. They don't understand Chomper and give chase after him. Chomper ran for his life with the Sharpteeth close behind him. They reached a big fallen hollow tree trunk and Chomper made it safely underneath but the gray Fast Biter couldn't get his teeth under the hollow (despite being too large and too closed and too narrow for a huge Utahraptor and his two counterparts came crashing into him. Meanwhile and thinking that he had escaped the Sharpteeth Chomper said to himself ,"Whoa, that was close!" when he reached a steep cliff which leads down the slope to a raging river below. Just then the red Fast Biter and his two counterparts came charging right at him roaring loud and he had to hide. He found a place when they came over and snarling and growling the Fast Biters walk to a better place where they can find him but the gray one accidentally slipped on the slope and he went tumbling into the river below with his two counterparts.


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