Some films feature two characters as the main antagonists, and are often foolish, or argue with each other. Sometimes one is more cunning or sinister than the other. Whether or not they die at the end is always staged in a way that is open for debate.

  • Ozzy and Strut are the eggstealer who attempt to steal eggs from the Great Valley. The antagonists were chased off into the Mysterious Beyond by Chomper's parents, though it is unclear whether they survived.
  • Ichy and Dil are the antagonists of the fourth film. Ichy is an Ichthyornis, if it is unclear whether he survives. Dil is a Deinosuchus (in contrast to the usual evil duo being of a same or similar race to one another). They need each other to get food, but often argue. In the end, after they fail numerous times to eat Littlefoot and the gang, they decide to leave each other. Dil smacks  Ichy with her tail before she is chased off by a plesiosaur into the Mysterious Beyond.  Her fate is also unknown.  
  • Rinkus and Sierra are the true villains of the seventh film. Though Pterano is with them, he has different motives and is more anti-hero than villain and they actually plan to depose of him once they get their goal. They are hurled through the air after Threehorn Peak erupts and it is unknown if they survived.  They are, unlike the two groups above, more cunning and dangerous. Their fate remains a mystery.

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