Eoraptor (binomial name Eoraptor Lunensis, meaning 'dawn plunderer'), was a species of dinosaur classified under the Saurischia order of Dinosauria. It is widely considered to be one of the worlds earliest dinosaurs. The Eoraptor lived during the late Triassic Period, around 230 to 225 million years ago, and is believed to resemble the ancestor of all dinosaurs. It is known by well-preserved fossil records found in Argentina.

General Description

Eoraptor was given the name raptor but it has no relations to Velociraptor or any dromaeosaur. Like many early dinosaurs, it had a relatively small body in comparison to dinosaurs of later periods. It had a thin body that was approximately one metre in length when fully developed, and weighed approximately 10 kilograms. A bipedal carnivore, Eoraptor ran upright on its hind legs, while its fore limbs were only half the length of the hind legs. Each fore limb ended in a five digit hand, with three of the digits ending in large claws that were believed to be used to catch and handle prey. While it was believed to have eaten small animals, due to its swift speed and sharp claws, Eoraptor also possessed both herbivorous and carnivorous teeth, leading to suggestions that it may have been omnivorous.

In The Land Before Time

Petrie & Imaginary Friend

Petrie's Imaginary Friend, who appears in The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water, is a stylized Eoraptor. Because of this, it looks nothing like the real animal. It may instead, however, be a stylized Tyrannosaurus.

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