Edaphosaurus pogonias

Edaphosaurus was a late Carboniferous and early Permian pelycosaur (an informal grouping within Synapsida, the clade containing modern mammals). It was a herbivorous relative of another pelycosaur, the well-known Dimetrodon, and like that synapsid had a large, thermal regulating sail on its back. Fossils of Edaphosaurus have been found in Europe and North America.


Edaphosaurus was about 11 feet long and weighed more than 600 pounds. It was slightly taller and stockier than Dimetrodon, but like its pelycosaur relatives had a small head and a long tail.

Edaphosaurus In The Land Before Time

Several Edaphosaurus appear during the Great Earthshake in The Land Before Time, running away.


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