Dromaeosaurus was a genus of non-avian theropod dinosaur that belonged to the family Dromaeosauridae (which the name prior to the creature itself). Like most dromaeosaurs, it was fast and agile and had three clawed hand talons, it also had a sickle-like claw that protruded from the second-toe digit which was used to for attacking prey and possibly climbing trees, but unlike most dromaeosaurs that proceed it; it had a more stocky build and a more robust skull along with a small number of teeth (9 being the estimated amount) which were rather large (in most cases as raptors usually slender teeth and have a diverse number).

Dromaeosaurus was discovered in the early 1900's near what is now known as the Dinosaur Park formation, dating back to the Campanian stage of Late Cretaceous period about 75 million years ago. As far as size goes, the Dromaeosaurus was much like the typical dromaeosaur measuring about 2 meters (6ft) in length and standing less than 1 meter (around 3ft) tall. It was one of the last dromaeosaurs to live on Earth before the mass extinction that killed the dinosaurs.

The Land Before Time

Dromaeosaurus makes its only cameo appearance in The Land Before Time franchise during The Time of the Great Giving sequel with a pair fighting against a Chasmosaurus. It is also the first dromaeosaur Fast Biter to appear in the franchise. It depicted quite accurately standing out amongst most of the dromaeosaurs seen within the franchise having a more robust head with small ridges on the face and having a few of less teeth in its mouth. It is also shown with feathers on the back of its head making it the first Fast Biter to appear in the franchise with feathers. Dromaeosaurus in the film is depicted with having either misty blue skin or a dull green pelt, both color morphs sporting a grayish underbelly.


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