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"Chanson D'Ennui", French for "Song of Boredom" is a song in The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water. It voices how the kids dislike their then confinements after the Sky Water.



It's boring, boring
really, truly boring
when you have to be alone
When you need some friends to play "let's pretend"
but they have to stay at home
It's time for an adventure
and you want to go exploring
but it's just no fun to be the only one
No it's really, truly
very boring


It is boring, boring
really, awfully boring
when you have to build your nest


When you push and shove from below and above
and you don't have any time to rest

Cera & Ducky

When the friends you want to be with
you'll have to keep ignoring


It can make you sad


It can make me mad

Cera & Ducky

It's very, very
very boring


When there's no where you can go
and there's nothing fun to do

Cera & Ducky join in

Then the day goes by so slow
and ya feel like your feet are stuck in goo


It's boring, boring
very, very boring
when you have a cold in your beak

When you have the sniffles and your head is full of wiffles
and ya can't be flying for a week
When all ya do is sneeze

and lay around all day snoring
There's nothing you can say
but just for today
It's very, very

Cera & Ducky

Very, very


Almost extraordinary

All together

Really, truly
very boring


I'm bored.

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