Cetiosaurus (SEET-ee-oh-sawr-us) meaning 'whale lizard', from the Greek keteios/κήτειος meaning 'sea monster' (later, 'whale') and sauros/σαυρος meaning 'lizard', was a sauropod dinosaur from the Mid to Late Jurassic Period (181-169 million years ago) in what are now Europe and Africa. It is estimated to have been about 53 feet (16 m) long and to have weighed roughly 24.8 tonnes (27.3 short tons). It was so named because its discoverer, Sir Richard Owen supposed it was a marine creature, initially an extremely large crocodile. It was a primitive, quadrupedal, long-necked, small-headed herbivore, with a shorter tail than most sauropods.

The Land Before Time

Cetiosaurus are background characters in The Great Longneck Migration. When the Sharptooth pack shows up, a female Cetiosaurus warns Grandma Longneck to come down towards the battle, to which she replies "So's our grandson!". A Cetiosaurus can be seen walking behind Sue and her boyfriend when they first meet.


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