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Ceratogaulus, or horned gophers, are mammals that live in the Land Before Time world. They are subterranean creatures that live in burrows, presumably in family groups. They are distinguished by the unusual horns on the snout. In real life, they lived from the Miocene epoch to the Pleistocene epoch.

Ceratogaulus in The Land Before Time

Milo, Lyddia, & Plower

Lydia, Plower, and Milo; three Ceratogaulus.

Ceratogaulus appear in the episode "Stranger from the Mysterious Above". They are shown to live in fear of a Microceratus they call the Great Hideous Beast, which terrorizes them because of their small size. They believe that a hero will come from the Mysterious Above--the world above ground--to rescue them. This prophecy is fulfilled in the episode by Spike, who falls into their burrow and is taken to be their mythological hero. He does end up driving away the Beast, as he is far larger than it (it is not a very large dinosaur despite being big enough to terrorize the Ceratogaulus).


  • They are some of the few Cenozoic animals from The Land Before Time, along with the Colossochelys.

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