Information in this article is non-canon

'Littlefoot and the Dinosaur Train'  is a Fanfic series that has 11 Seasons and a Movie.


It was Created by Digipony. It was also writen by:

Frosted Apple,Ibarber,Matthew Cenance,Wagnike2, and Zeref Fullbuster (This was because of grammar check and fixing)


From Land Before Time:

From Dinosaur Train:


List of Episodes

There is only one Season with 7 episodes (Because the other seasons are all in concepts):


  • The series was plainning for 17 Seasons but was scrapped because it would be too much ploting for making more stories:


  • Since the series are in concepts it should be noted that the original creator can create it and publish it and let others edit until they are complete for it.

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