• Nate56mate

    (A Overview Shot of The Mysterious Beyond)

    Captain Hook:(Voiceover) Flatteeth Have Infected The World for Generations

    (The Baryonx Quartet's Ghosts Burst Out of A Rock Pile)

    Littlefoot:Guys i Had a Nightmare

    (Littlefoot Gets Chased by The Ghost of Sharptooth)

    Petrie:What Was It

    (Captain Hook's Ghost Jumps Onto The Mountain He Fell From Followed by His Three Henchmen)

    (Then Ducky Runs Out of a Cave Chased by The Burning Ghosts of Rinkus and Sierra)

    (Then The Ghosts of Plates, Bovus, Crasher, Thrasher, Smasher and Allos Chase The Gang of 5)

    Captain Hook:Revenge

    (The Baryonx Chase The Yellow Bellies)

    (The Ghosts of All The Antagonists The Gang has Ever Faced Attack The Great Valley)

    Captain Hook:HAHAHAHA

    (Cut to Black)

    The Land Before Time XV: Dead Dinos T…

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  • Nate56mate
    1. Sharptooth, Domeheads
    2. Ozzy and Strut
    3. Hyp, Mutt and Nod, Hyp's Dad, Velos, Mongoli, Rappy, Stonehead
    4. Ichy and Dil
    5. Pteresa, Sharkra, Plates
    6. Allos, Canyio, BMMF Sharptooth, Fantasy Sharpteeth
    7. Pterano, Rinkus, Sierra, Deino, Onychus, Antir
    8. Gottahurt
    9. Leo
    10. Thrasher, Smasher, Crasher/Crusher, Sarcos
    11. Utraa and Torr
    12. Sailback Jack
    13. Loofah, Doofah, Foobie, Captain Hook, Barry, Onxy, Walker
    14. Yu, Ty, Bovus, Terry
    15. Ramus 
    16. Spitter
    17. Sucho, Mima and Sucho Jr
    18. Unelag
    19. Moses, King Kapro, Canyio
    20. Acros
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  • Hypnobrai

    Four words

    July 20, 2017 by Hypnobrai

    This is not acceptable.

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  • Hypnobrai

    Yeah, I'm leaving again. I'll be back in four days. I might be on, I might not, there might not be internet. Bye!

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  • Nate56mate
    1. The Lorax
    2. The Lorax 2: Return of O'Hare
    3. The Lorax 3: King of Thieves
    4. The Fourax
    5. The Lorax: Sai The Delivery Guy and Edgelord 5000's Adventure
    6. The Lorax: Once Alert
    7. The Lorax: Ted Jr
    8. The Lorax: Palette Swap Palooza
    9. The Lorax: Hiccup and Ted
    10. The Lorax: The Great Barbaloot Migration
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  • Hypnobrai

    I think Sharptooth would win. He's extremely durable and would keep coming back constantly against the Spino.

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  • Nate56mate

    The Film's Title is Dead Dinos Tell No Tales

    The Film's Plot is That Dead Enemies of The Gang Have Come Back 

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  • Nate56mate
    1. How to Train Your Dragon
    2. How to Train Your Dragon 2
    3. How to Train Your Dragon 3
    4. How to Train Your Dragon 4: Berk vs Shrek
    5. How to Train Your Dragon 5: Dragons Invade England
    6. How to Train Your Dragon 6: Drago Pays His Tax Returns
    7. How to Train Your Dragon 7: Jurassic Vikings
    8. How to Train Your Dragon 8: The One With The Incestous Relationship with Tuffnut and Ruffnut
    9. How to Train Your Dragon 9: Robbie Rotten and His Flying Machines
    10. How to Train You Dragon 10: The Final Flight
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  • MongooseLover

    It's called 


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  • MongooseLover

    It's called Unenlagia   It is shown here:   

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  • Hypnobrai

    Hey everyone, I won't be online for a couple days because I'm going camping and there won't be internet. Unfortunately that means I won't be getting those badges for being on the wiki, drat! Well, see ya! I hope mass vandalism doesn't happen when I'm gone! :P

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  • Nate56mate
    1. Shrek
    2. Shrek 2
    3. Shrek The Third
    4. Shrek Forever After
    5. Shrek: Duloc Showdown
    6. Shrek vs Shrek
    7. Shrek: Kosh and Felonius' Excellent Adventure
    8. Shrek F8
    9. Shrek: The Loud House Crossover
    10. Shrek: 50 Shades of Onion
    11. Shrek: Destruction of Duloc
    12. Shrek vs Gaston
    13. Shrek: Wisdom of Donkey
    14. Shrek of The Manor
    15. Shrek: All Star
    16. Shrek: Invasion of Sans and Papyrus
    17. Shrek: Five Nights at Freddy's Swamp
    18. Shrek The Ogre
    19. Shrek Saves The Kids
    20. Shrek Catches The Bubonic Plague and Dies a Sad Version of All Star Plays at His Funeral
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  • Nate56mate
    1. Peenut2k7
    2. Peenut 2: Rise of KFP
    3. Peenut The Third
    4. Peenut Ever After
    5. Peenut: Return of Grovsenor
    6. Peenut: Dead Men Tell No Tales
    7. Peenut in Jurassic Park
    8. Peenut: Plates of Steel
    9. Peenut vs Shrek
    10. Peenut: The Great Human Migration
    11. Peenut vs Ray Romano
    12. Peenut and Janja
    13. Peenut: Wisdom of Idiots
    14. Peenut: Journey of The Eenuts
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  • Nate56mate
    1. Ice Age
    2. Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
    3. Ice Age 3: Dawn of The Dinosaurs
    4. Ice Age 4: Continetial Drift
    5. Ice Age 5: Collision Course
    6. Ice Age 6: Everybody Loves Manny
    7. Ice Age 7: Primates of The Caribbean
    8. Ice Age 8: How to Train The Land Before Jurassic Age
    9. Ice Age 9: The One With Gaston
    10. Ice Age 10: The Final Chapter
    11. Ice Age 11: We Lied
    12. Ice Age 12: John Leiguazamo Gets Replaced by Dijimon Hounsou
    13. Ice Age 13: Unlucky Robot
    14. Ice Age 14: Manny vs Shrek
    15. Ice Age 15: Liam Neeson Goes on a Killing Spree
    16. Ice Age 16: The "I'm Flying" Guy from The First Movie Returns as a Ghost
    17. Ice Age 17: Australian Heist
    18. Ice Age 18: Those Weird Mosasaurus Thingys from 2 Come Back
    19. Ice Age 19: Peenut vs Captain Gutt
    20. Ice Age 20: The Age of Genocide
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  • Figment1983

    Universal Studios could put a Land Before Time themed ride at Universal Studios Florida since they got back to The Land Before Time with Journey of The Brave in 2016.


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  • Nate56mate
    1. Jurassic Park
    2. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
    3. Jurassic Park III
    4. Jurassic World
    5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
    6. Jurassic World: Sailback Zack Returns
    7. Jurassic Country
    8. Jurassic Country: State of The Union
    9. Jurassic Planet
    10. Jurassic Planet: Nublar and Sorna
    11. Jurassic Planet: Korean War
    12. Jurassic Planet: President Raptor
    13. Jurassic Planet: Jason Voorhees vs The Indominus Rexeri
    14. Jurassic Planet: Owen, Littlefoot and Manny's Excellent Adventure
    15. Jurassic Planet: Vic Hoskins Comes Back to Life 
    16. Jurassic Planet: War of The Dinos
    17. Jurassic Galaxy
    18. Jurassic Galaxy: Indomination
    19. Jurassic Galaxy: Beipaosaurus v Baryonx: Dawn of Berries
    20. Jurassic Galaxy: Gennaro and Muldoon's Ghosts
    21. Jurassic Galaxy: We are Just Gonna Kill All Minor Characters Who Have Joined The Good Guys Group Since …
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  • Nate56mate











    Mr Clubtail







    Brown Nosed Fast Biters (Deinonychus)

    Red Claw


    Grey Hookthumb Sharptooth (Baryonx)

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  • MongooseLover

    Which LBT Sharptooth is the smartest?

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  • MongooseLover
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  • MongooseLover

    Some places don't have official names but would be interesting to add so that we can keep track of them.  (Only fear of mine is that they will end up being abused to add every silly thing out there.)

    I had a mind to add:

    1.)   Gang's Hideout  (Where the kids tried to "run away" to in movie II and where they also happened to spot Ozzy and Strut.

    2.)  The cave where they had a mishap with Ozzy and Strut and broke part of the Great Wall.

    3.)   Possibly Mysterious Beyond subarticles (like Mysterious Beyond 2, Mysterious Beyond tar place, Mysterioous Beyond velocripator place (BTW, those are just tentative names), Mysteirous Beyond Desert (IV),  Mysterous Beyond (Sailback home), etc.     

    4.)  Land of Mists Entrance Cave

    5.)   Tree Oasis (where the k…

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  • MongooseLover

    At first I thought it was only admins but ohters like Nate56mate have colored usernames too.    

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  • Logo8th

    This is the second blog post in what is essentially a new series I am starting in which I delve into some of the most hated characters in TLBT to determine if they really deserve the hatred they get from the fandom. To be clear, this blog is not an attempt to force any readers into liking the character in question. This is just an attempt to tone down the sheer hatred of many characters, something I really should have mentioned in my Red Claw blog post. The subject of this post is the Cool Gray Sharptooth, one of three Tyrannosaurus assailants from the tenth film.

    Unlike the hatred of Red Claw or the Yellow Bellies (who will be covered in the next blog post), the hatred for the Cool Gray Sharptooth appears to be much more recent. The Sharpt…

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  • Peenut2k7

    I've had this laying around in my Documents folder. Just now has Nate requested I share it. Enjoy.

    After the death of his mother, a young dinosaur sets off in search of the Great Valley, while making a variety of friends along the way and avoiding the jaws of a vindictive T. rex.

    Antagonists: Sharptooth, Cera

    After an incident involving a pair of bumbling egg-thieves, the Prehistoric Pals accidentally take in the egg of a vicious predator, and end up having to care for it.

    Antagonists: Ozzy and Strut, maybe Chomper's parents

    The Prehistoric Pals attempt to survive in the Great Valley after a meteor storm cuts off the water supply.

    Antagonists: Hyp, Mutt, Nod, Hyp's dad, Daddy Topps, Velociraptor pack

    Littlefoot's grandfather contracts a deadly illne…

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  • MongooseLover

    I'm tyring to figure out how to change the featured character to Etta and the featured  picture to Dili and Ichy.    

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  • Lord of the STARS

    Yes, this is a real thing! A new land before time is coming out on July the 4rth. It will replace those stupid fireworks people keep wasting money and resources on.

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  • Hypnobrai

    We got an answer from Mark Pudleiner!

    He asked Gary Goldman about the matter involving the deleted scenes of the original film. Unfortunately the only things we learned from Goldman's info was when and where the scenes were cut; and that the sharptooth bits that were cut were only about a minute's worth of the 10+ cut minutes. The original film was going to be 80 to 82 minutes, that's something. Again, he said that 19 fully animated scenes got cut, as we already know. From what Goldman says, the deleted stuff was sent to Dublin but was not saved.

    So we got some stuff out of this, but no scenes. Maybe we can ask about more stuff.

    Update: June 25, 2017. We actually got more information than I thought from the reply. I'll paste my analysis here …

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  • Nate56mate

    I See That Many People Hate Him for Not Squashing a Baby Brachiosaur When he Stepped on Him However The Reason for This Is Because Its A Cartoon Anything can Happen also He Did Manage to Knock Down a Full Grown Apatosaur

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  • Hypnobrai

    Okay. I'm looking to upload a one minute thirteen seconds clip of the first Allosaurus attack in LBT 6 to YouTube. Reason being is for reference to the Rescue/Discovery of the Great Valley bit being different sounding in this scene than in the original film. Do you think the video will get pulled for copyright? Or do you think it'll stay if it's fair use and I'm not monetizing it or anything?

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  • Logo8th

    In Defense of Red Claw

    June 20, 2017 by Logo8th

    Here is the blog that I have been meaning to write for months now. This blog post seeks to exonerate Red Claw from all of the hate he has been getting in TLBT fandom and is an attempt to instate his title of "the meanest Sharptooth of them all."

    My main argument is that Red Claw only appears in a few episodes of a children's television show. In a children's show, violence is significantly toned down. Red Claw is thus unable to perform the same level of violence as Sharptooth or Plates, for example. We have no idea what he does off camera. When not in the spotlight, he could truly be a terrifying villain.

    Now, let's go through all of his appearances and explain his actions and defeats. In his first appearance, "The Cave of Many Voices," Red C…

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  • Hypnobrai

    Now, if you want to see some funny KFP comments, look no further at the page for the Green Sharptooth from X's redirect page.

    Peenut gathered all the things KFP had said and put them there. There's also a bunch of other comments as well. These are the things that he gathered (I'm copy-pasting them here): "So, from what I've been able to gather from KFP's various headcanons:

    • Sharptooth is Chomper's father.
    • The Meanest Sharptooth is Sharptooth.
    • The Sharptooth from VIII is either Red Claw or a relative of Red Claw.
    • The shark from V is a teenager.
    • Sharptooth was sent by Red Claw to attack Littlefoot and Cera.
    • Sharptooth has unspecified siblings.
    • The Orange-brown Sharptooth is Chomper, the Grey Sharptooth is his father, and the Green Sharptooth is his moth…

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  • Hypnobrai

    What are we going to do when KFP comes back in four days? He doesn't seem to have learned his lesson. He said that the Carnotaurs from Dinosaur were Chomper's real parents.

    How about we give him 2-3 months until we ban him permanently. I'd like to see how nonsensical his future (and final) comments on this wiki will be. We'll wait until the summer ends, unless a comment really ticks someone off.

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  • Hypnobrai

    For all active users

    June 18, 2017 by Hypnobrai

    If you are active and you want to be in the Active users category, come ask me on my message wall. Same for admins who aren't in their respective category.

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  • RubytheHedgehog

    As far as ideas go, it can be alternate endings for any of the sequels, TV episodes and even alternate universes. 

    There's no such thing as a bad idea; although, sometimes it's hard to execute the plan, and it's hard to come up with a plot that hasn't already been done a hundred million times. 

    I'm open to read any idea that gets posted here.

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  • Peenut2k7

    Hello. Recently, a couple of the admins here (Hypnobrai and myself) have decided to make the "Walker to the Crimson Rock" fanfiction a candidate for deletion, after I decided that we shouldn't be hosting erotica (or, in less extreme terms, fetish literature) on this wiki.

    I've decided to consult the rest of the wiki regarding whether or not we should remove the fanfiction. Will take action on Monday if the poll is actually voted on.

    6/18/2017 update: The page has been deleted.

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  • Nate56mate

    My Season 2

    June 10, 2017 by Nate56mate

    Title Plot Antagonists
    The Revenge of The Baryonx The Baryonx have Returned and are After The Gang Baryonx Quartet
    The Day of Greatness The Great Valley Celebrates its 20 Years of Inhabitance  Red Claw and Screech
    The Poo of Spike Spike Poos into The Water Source Topps
    The Reunion Chomper Reunites with His Parents (Who Now have White Eyes) Red Claw, Screech, Teratophoeus, Allosaurus and Coelphysis
    The March of Swimmers All of Ducky and Spike's Siblings are Killed when A Tree Branch falls on Their Nest Appalachiosaurus
    The Great Thud The Gang of 5 Investigate a Strange Noise Red Claw and Screech
    The Yellow Bellies Return Loofah, Doofah and Foobie Return and Try to Take Over The Valley Loofah, Doofah and Foobie
    The Egg Stealer a Egg Stealer Strikes …

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  • MongooseLover

    Just wondeirng. It does seem a bit slower since I added them, at least when viewing the "Images" page, but maybe that's just my Wifi.   

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  • MongooseLover

    I'm wondering, say that Chomper went rogue and formed an alliance with Red Claw, Screech, Thud, Dil, and Ichy aaginst the Great Valley.   How much damage do you think they could do?  

    It  would be:

    Two T-Rexes

    Two Utahraptors

    One Deinosuchus

    One Ichythyornis

    One could fly, one could swim, (possbily two could as it's possible Chomper can swim somewhat), four can go well on land, two of them faster but two of them taller adn possibly with more power.  

    Admittedly, it would be nice if they had Horned Sharptooth with them, as they could use his to counter Threehorns.   

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  • MongooseLover

    How do you sing "Who Needs You" or "Friends for Dinner" in Sharptooth?  

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  • Nate56mate
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  • MongooseLover

    I found a thread that suggested that you go here to report threatening/harassing users like Jack:

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  • Hypnobrai

    Check this out

    June 3, 2017 by Hypnobrai

    Everyone should check out this video. It's literally every LBT movie playing at once. It's insane but awesome! Around an hour in there's a lot of sharptooth encounters happening at once. It goes through all the movies until the end of X, which is the longest one.

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  • MongooseLover

    It was the one that said "Hey you kids, stop rolling those rocks down the hill!"

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  • MongooseLover
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  • Peenut2k7

    Just looking for more thoughts on the matter, not going to make article edits regarding the most popular opinions.

    Villain definition being used here is the one Google has: "a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot." Will add to the poll if any additional options are requested. Not counting bothteeth/halfteeth/fanged flatteeth/omnivores in general or eggstealers.

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  • Hypnobrai

    Should I put some gifs on articles, or should I not? I can make more if you guys want. These are the two I posted so far.

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  • MongooseLover

    I was going to have Ali come back and have Sharpteeth get into the Valley and have Rhett end up actually helping to defeat the Sharpteeth (I need some reason to have Ali kind of like Rhettt so that Littlefoot doesn't win her heart so easily.)

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  • Nate56mate

    Domeheads:Scared Off by The Gang of 5

    Sharptooth:Pushed Off a Cliff and Drowned

    Dimetrodon:Walks Off

    Ozzy and Strut:Chased Off by Papa Sharptooth


    Hyp's Dad:Reforms

    Velociraptor Leader:Gets Hit on The Head by a Rock

    Velociraptor Henchmen:Get Washed Away by The Flood

    Ichy:Gets Flicked into The Air by Dil

    Dil:Gets Chased Off by a Swimming Longneck

    Shark:Smashes into a Rock

    Flying Sharptooth:Gets Bitten

    Plated Sharptooth:Gets Washed Away

    Meanest Sharptooth:Falls to His Death

    Allosaurus and Canyon Sharptooth:Die by Getting Crushed by Rocks

    Rinkus and Sierra:Get Blown up But Survive and Get their Wings Disabeld

    Mountain Sharptooth:Gets Knocked off a Cliff by a Log

    Swimming Sharptooth:Gets Slapped in The Face by Mo and Runs Off

    Sharpteeth:Get Knocked o…

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  • Hypnobrai

    I'm an admin!?

    May 25, 2017 by Hypnobrai

    Thanks to whoever made be an admin! Whoever did it please tell me!

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  • Nate56mate

    Here i Post a Weekly Battle 

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  • Hypnobrai

    I've been working on my Dinosaur Planet wiki lately, if you have anything you could add I could appreciate it.

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