The "Big Longneck Test" song is sung by Littlefoot as he was ordered by Bron to either cross the volcanoic bubbling fire or not to win the Big Longneck Test while Shorty, his brother is with the rest of the gang (Cera, Chomper, Ruby, Spike, Petrie and Ducky) at the stone walking bridge after Littlefoot had done the two Big Longneck assignments to find the last remaining Tree Star in the episode called "The Big Longneck Test" which Shorty is lying that he did do the test instead of doing it by himself which he didn't do it but at the end, Littlefoot didn't do the last test which Bron had found the last Tree Star under a big rock after the two Tree Stars were found in different locations around the Great Valley.



Big, big longneck test
The very big, big longneck test
It's been tough, but kina fun
I've had to think and climb and run
Now one more task, and I'll have done
the longneck test

Why is this one so hard to complete?
I'll figure it out

There must be a way.
Crossing bubbling fire by myself
just doesn't seem safe

So how do I do it?

Big, big longneck test
The very big, big longneck test

It's something that I've gotta do
to prove that I'm a leader too
I only hope I make it through
the longneck test

Longneck test