JOTB Better Off Alone

"Better Off Alone" is a song from The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave. It is sung by Littlefoot and Cera following a disagreement that leads them to part ways.



Who needs friends to slow you down
Wasting our time with too much talking?
Who needs friends to grumble and frown
When we should just keep walking?
I'm just fine on my own
I will be better off alone


Who needs friends who get you lost
And don't wanna listen when you tell them
That you know the best way to go
And you're just trying to help them
Might as well talk to this stone
I'm sure I'm better off alone

Littlefoot and Cera simultaneously

And who needs friends/Who needs friends
To boss me around?/To boss me around?
That's really hard to swallow
Can't she see?/Can't he see?
It's so clear to me/It's so clear to me
I should lead and she/he should follow!


My mistake I should have known
I would be better off alone


I'm sure I'm better off alone


We're so much better off alone


I guess I'm better off...


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